To test your userform, press F5 or select (Run > Run Sub / Userform)


Call Load(frmUserform1) - This step is not necessary !!! 
'initialisation before the userform is actually displayed

Loading a userform loads it into memory but it is not visible until you use the Show method.
If you have a complex userform you might want to load it in to memory before it is actually needed so it appears more quickly when you use the Show method.

The Load is not necessary unless you do not want the dialog box displayed initially and you want to customise the initialisation.
If the Userform has not been loaded when the Show method is invoked then the userform will be loaded automatically. It is always better to explicitly load the userform first though.

link - learn.microsoft.com/en-us/office/vba/language/reference/user-interface-help/show-method 

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