Tab Order

The tab order is the order or sequence in which the controls will be given focus when you use tab key.
Pressing the tab key when a userform is displayed wll shift the focus from one control to another.
The tab order should be setup in a way that the controls are run through in a logical or functional order.
The control with tab index 1 will have the focus when the userform is initially displayed.

You can change the tab order manually by editing the TabIndex property in the Properties window.

Keyboard Users

Many users prefer to navigate through a dialog box using the keyboard.
The Tab and Shift Tab jeys cycle through the controls and pressing a hot key operates the control.
To make sure that your userform work properly for keyboard users, you must consider tab order and accelerator keys.

The tab order determines the sequence in which controls are activates when the user presses Tab or Shift + Tab
It also determines which control has the initial focus.
If a user enters text into a textbox control, for example the textbox has the focus.
If the user clicks an option button then the option button has the focus
The control that is the first in the tab order will have focus when the userform is initially displayed,

Changing the Tab Order

You can change the tab order of the controls by pressing View > Tab Order).
You can also right click the dialog box and choose Tab Order from the shortcut menu.
In either case the Tab Order dialog box is displayed.
To move a control select it and click the arrow keys either up or down.
You can also choose more than one control by holding down the Ctrl and Shift keys.

Alternatively you can set the individual control's position in the tab order using the properties window.
The first control in the tab order has a TabIndex property of 0.
Changing the TabIndex property for a control may also affect the TabIndex property of other controls.
These adjustments are made automatically to ensure that no control has a TabIndex greater than the total number of controls on the userform.
If you want to remove a control from the tab order, set its TabStop property to False.

Some controls such as Frame and MultiPage act as containers for other controls.
The controls inside a container have their own tab order.
To set the tab order for a group of option buttons inside a Frame, select the Frame control before you choose (View > Tab Order).

Setting Hot Keys

You can assign an accelerator key (or hot key) to most controls.
This enables the user to access the control by pressing an Alt + hotkey shortcut key.
Use the Accelerator property in the Properties window for this purpose.

Some controls, such as a Textbox do not have an accelerator property because they do not display a Caption property.
You can still enable direct keyboard access to these control by using a label control.
Assign an eccelerator key to the label and put it ahead of the Textbox in the tab order.

There is no easy way although one way is to save a copy of your chart as a bitmap or GIF file and thenload this file into an Image control, either at design time or run time.

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