Find and Replace

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You can quickly find statements or properties using the Find dialog box.
Edit > Find
Find button on the Standard toolbar
Shortcut Key (Ctrl+F)

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Find What -
Current Procedure - only the current programming procedure in the Code window
Current Module - only the macros in the current module (the default)
Current Project - all the macros in all modules within the current project
Selected Text - only the text that you've selected in the Code window (disabled if no selection has been made)
Direction - This drop-down contains the commands: All, Down, Up
Find Whole Word Only -
Match Case -
Use Pattern Matching -
Find Next - The first occurrence of the word will be found and highlighted. If you close the dialog box you can continue to find more occurrences by pressing F3.
Replace - Displays the Replace dialog box (see below)
Help -


Lets you find and replace in a single operation
Edit > Replace
Shortcut Key (Ctrl + H)

microsoft excel docs

This is exactly the same as the Find just with some additional controls
Replace With -
Replace - replaces the highlighted text with the text in the text box
Replace All -

SS - The specified region has been searched (pressing F3)

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