Intellisense is basically auto-completion when you are typing.
This displays a short description of member, function, arguments etc next to the cursor and is a convenient way to access functions, parameters, enumerations etc.
Using intellisense speeds up development by reducing keyboard input.

Auto List Members

This displays a tooltip containing a list of methods and properties.
SS - icon methods
SS - icon properties
This looks like tooltips that are relevant to the current line and current scope.

The user can then select one from the drop-down using the arrow keys and then hitting the completion character (Tab) or (Enter).
You can show pop-up manually (Ctrl + J) or (Ctrl + Space)

Auto Quick Info

Displays information about functions and their corresponding arguments.
SS - Call MsgBox()

Automatic Intellisense


No Intellisense

There is no intellisense with the following code
This is because the Sheets collection can contain two different types of objects


This is because ??


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