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C# Resource
Calculating Constants
Calculation State
Calendar Control
CALL - Built-in Statement
Call a VBA Function
Call a VBA Subroutine
Call Another Macro
Call Function
Call Keyword
Call Procedures
Call Property Procedures
Call Stack
Call Sub
CALLBYNAME - Built-in Function
Caller - Application.
Calling Another Subroutine
Calling Application Functions
Calling Built-in Commands
Camel - Naming Convention
Camel Notation
Cancel Button Behaviour
Capitalisation Changes
Caption - Userform
Caret Symbol - LongLong
Carriage Return Character
Cascade Windows
Cascading Menus
Case - Select
Case Insensitive Searching - INSTR
Case Is
Case Sensitive Declarations
Case Sensitive Searching - INSTR
Case Sensitive Variables
Casting - Narrowing
Casting - Widening
Catching Errors
CBOOL - Built-in Function
CBYTE - Built-in Function
CCHAR Function (only VB.Net)
CCUR - Built-in Function
CDATE - Built-in Function
CDBL - Built-in Function
CDEC - Built-in Function
CDO - Outlook
CDO (Collaboration Data Objects)
Cells & Ranges (Excel)
Cells (Excel)
Cells(2,3) (Excel)
CELLTYPE - User Defined Function
Center in Form
Change System Date Time
Changing Properties
Changing Userform Properties
Char Type (only VB.Net)
Character Codes
Character Sets - ANSI
Character Sets - ASCII
Character Sets - DBCS
Character Sets - Unicode
Character Sets - UTF8 (Unicode)
Characters - &
Characters - ANSI
Characters - ASCII
Characters - Carriage Return
Characters - DBCS
Characters - Line Feed
Characters - New Line
Characters - Questions
Characters - Tab
Characters - Unicode
Characters - UTF8 (Unicode)
CharArray - Strings
Chart Types (Excel)
ChartObject (Excel)
Charts (Excel)
CHDIR - Built-in Statement
CHDRIVE - Built-in Statement
Check Box Control
CheckBox - Controls
checkBox - RibbonXML
Checking Errors
CHOOSE - Built-in Function
Choose - Syntax
Choosing Files
Choosing Folders
CHR - Built-in Function
CHR$ - Built-in Function
Chr(13) - Carriage Return
Chr(9) - Tab
CHRB - Built-in Function
CHRB$ - Built-in Function
CHRW - Built-in Function
CHRW - Built-in Function
CHRW$ - Built-in Function
CINT - Built-in Function
Class _Initialize
Class _Terminate
Class Events - Initialize
Class Events - Terminate
Class Member Variables
Class Modules
Class Modules - Questions
Classes - Abstraction
Classes - Circular References
Classes - Declaring
Classes - Encapsulation
Classes - Events
Classes - Fields
Classes - Friend
Classes - Implements
Classes - Inheritance
Classes - Memory Leaks
Classes - Methods
Classes - Orphaned Objects
Classes - Polymorphism
Classes - Predeclared
Classes - Properties
Classes - Self Referential (Me)
Classes - WithEvents
Clean Array
Clear All Breakpoints
Clear Clipboard
Clearing Arrays
Clearing Breakpoints
Clipboard - DataObject
Clipboard Object
CLNG - Built-in Function
CLNGLNG - Built-in Function
CLNGPTR - Built-in Function
CLOSE - Built-in Statement
Closing Files
Closing Userforms
Closing Windows
cls File Extension
COBJ Function (only VB.Net)
Code Colour Option
Code Execution - Continue
Code Execution has been interrupted
Code Fragments
Code Group
Code Guidelines
Code Module
Code Module - Comment Block
Code Modules - Exporting
Code Modules - Importing
Code Modules - Printing
Code Modules - Removing
Code Pane
Code Sharing
Code Signing Certificate
Code Snippets
Code Snippets - Arrays
Code Snippets - Controls
Code Snippets - Data Types
Code Snippets - Databases
Code Snippets - Dates & Times
Code Snippets - Debugging
Code Snippets - Error Handling
Code Snippets - Files & Directories
Code Snippets - Macros
Code Snippets - Msgbox & Inputbox
Code Snippets - Numbers
Code Snippets - Ribbon
Code Snippets - Strings & Characters
Code Snippets - Userforms
Code Snippets - XML
Code Stepping
Code Structure
Code Window
Code Window - Split
CodeModule Object
CodeName - Worksheet
CodePane Object
CodeVBA Add-in
Coding Conventions
Coding Standards
Collapse Proj Hides Windows
Collapse Project Hides Window
Collection As Parameter
Collection Class
Collection Object
Collection of Classes
Collection vs Scripting Dictionary
Collections - Adding Items
Collections - Addins
Collections - Arrays
Collections - Built-in
Collections - CodePanes
Collections - Converting To Array
Collections - Custom
Collections - Deleting Items
Collections - Dictionary
Collections - Exists
Collections - Finding Items
Collections - Inserting Items
Collections - LinkedWindows
Collections - Looping
Collections - Properties
Collections - References
Collections - Removing Items
Collections - Replacing Items
Collections - Scripting Dictionary
Collections - Searching
Collections - Sorting
Collections - Updating Items
Collections - VBComponents
Collections - VBProject
Color Constants
ColorIndex - Enumeration
Columns("A:D") (Excel)
COLUMNWIDTH - User Defined Function
COM Add-ins
Combine Arrays
Combining Next Statements
Combo Box
Combo Box - AutoComplete
Combo Box - Multi-Column
Combo Box Styles
ComboBox - Controls
ComboBox - Multi-Column
comboBox - RibbonXML
Comma Demilited Format
COMMAND - Built-in Function
Command Buttons
Command Line
COMMAND$ - Built-in Function
CommandBars - Button Editor
CommandBars - Controls
CommandBars - Excel15.xlb
CommandBars - Face Ids
CommandBars - Normal.dotm
commands - RibbonXML
Comment Block
Comments - Multi Line
Comments - Rem
COMMENTTEXT - User Defined Function
Common Controls Library
Common Dialog
Common Errors
Compare 2 Text Files
Compare Binary
Compare Database
Compare Keyword
Compare Strings
Compare Text
Comparing Arrays
Comparing Collections
Comparing Dates
Comparing Numbers
Comparing Ranges (Excel)
Comparing Strings
Comparing Text Files
Comparing Times
Comparing Workbooks (Excel)
Comparing Worksheets (Excel)
Comparison Operators
Compatibility - Macros
Compilation Constants
Compile Error - Ambiguous Name Detected
Compile in Background
Compile on Demand
Compile Time
Compile Time Errors
Compiler Constants - VBA6
Compiler Constants - VBA7
Compiler Constants - Win32
Compiler Constants - Win64
Compiler Directives
Complete List of Functions
Complete Word
Complie Time Errors
COMPUTERNAME - User Defined Function
Concat Function
Concatenate Function
Concatenating Strings
Concatenating Two Strings
Concatenation & Operator
Concatenation + Operator
Conditional Branching
Conditional Branching - IF
Conditional Branching - IIF
Conditional Branching - Immediate IF
Conditional Branching - Select Case
Conditional Compilation
Conditional Compilation - #Const
Conditional Compilation - #Else
Conditional Compilation - #ElseIf
Conditional Compilation - #End If
Conditional Compilation - #If
Conditional Compilation Attributes
Conditional Compiler Constant
Conditional Compiler Directives
Conditional Compiling
Conditional Compiling - VBA7
Conditional Compiling - Win64
Conditional Formatting (Excel)
Connect To Database
Connection Strings - Database
Const Keyword
Const Statement
Constants - Enumerations
Constants - Intrinsic
Constants - Local
Constants - Module
Constants - Pi
Constants - Procedure
Constants - Public
Constants - Symbolic
Constants - VBA
Consultancy Services
CONTAINS - User Defined Function
Content Controls
Context - MsgBox
contextMenus - RibbonXML
contextualTabs - RibbonXML
Continue Button
Continue Code Execution
Continue Debugging
Continue Line
control - RibbonXML
Control Array
Control Flow
Control Flow - Conditional
Control Flow - Loops
Control Flow - Nested
Control Source - Binding
Control Structures
Control Toolbox
Controlling Program Flow
Controls - ActiveX
Controls - Adding
Controls - Aligning
Controls - Calendar
Controls - Check Box
Controls - Combo Box
Controls - Command Button
Controls - Common Dialog
Controls - DatePicker
Controls - DateTime Picker
Controls - Frame
Controls - Group / Frame
Controls - Image
Controls - Label
Controls - List Box
Controls - ListView
Controls - MonthView
Controls - Moving
Controls - MS Chart
Controls - mscal.ocx
Controls - MSFlexGrid
Controls - MultiPage
Controls - Option Button
Controls - Positioning
Controls - Progress Bar
Controls - Questions
Controls - RefEdit
Controls - Resizing
Controls - Scroll Bar
Controls - Set Focus
Controls - Slider
Controls - Spacing
Controls - Spin Button
Controls - Tab Strip
Controls - Text Box
Controls - Toggle Button
Controls - ToolBox
Controls - TreeView
Controls - WebBrowser
Controls - Windows Forms
ControlSource - Controls
Conversion Functions
Convert Array To String
Convert Centimeters To Points
Convert Inches To Points
Convert Millimeters To Points
Convert Pixels To Points
Convert String To Currency
Convert String To Decimal
Convert String To Integer
Convert to ASCII
Convert To Boolean
Convert To Byte
Convert To Currency
Convert To Date
Convert To Decimal
Convert To Double
Convert To Integer
Convert To Long
Convert To LongLong
Convert To Single
Convert To String
Converting Array to Collection
Converting Collection to Array
Converting Data Types
Converting Lowercase to Uppercase
Converting Number to String
Converting String to Number
Converting Text to Binary
Converting Uppercase to Lowercase
Copy and Paste (Excel)
Copy Directory
Copy Folder
Copy To Clipboard
CopyFromRecordset (Excel)
Copying Excel Files
Copying Excel Ranges
Copying Excel Worksheets
Copying Strings
Copying Text Files
Copying Word Files
Copying Word Tables
CopyPicture Method
COS - Built-in Function
COUNTBETWEEN - User Defined Function
COUNTFORMAT - User Defined Function
Counting Files
Counting Folders
Counting Sort
Counting Words
Counting Worksheets (Excel)
Country Specific Features
COUNTSHEETS - User Defined Function
COUNTVISIBLEIFS - User Defined Function
Cr - Strings
CreateBinary File
CREATEOBJECT - Built-in Function
CreateTextFile - FSO
CreateWindow - API
Creating Constants
Creating Custom Dialog Boxes
Creating Dialog Boxes
Creating Enumerations
Creating Folders
Creating Functions
Creating Procedures
Creating Recursive Functions
Creating Recursive Subroutines
Creating Subfolders
Creating Subroutines
Creating Text Files
Creating Userforms
Creating Variables
CrLf - Strings
CSBYTE Function (only VB.Net)
CSHORT Function (only VB.Net)
CSNG - Built-in Function
CSTR - Built-in Function
Csv File Extension
Ctrl Key Detection
CUINT Function (only VB.Net)
CULNG Function (only VB.Net)
CURDIR - Built-in Function
Currency Data Type
Current Date
Current Directory
Current Folder
Current Record
Current Region (Excel)
Current Time
Cursor - Application.Cursor
CursorLocations - ADO
CursorTypes - ADO
CUSHORT Function (only VB.Net)
Custom Collection Class
Custom Data Types
Custom Dialog Boxes
Custom Dialog Boxes - Controls
Custom Dialog Boxes - Displaying
Custom Lists
Custom UI Editor
Custom UI Editor - Callbacks
Custom UI Editor - Icons
Customise Ribbon
Customising Message Boxes
customUI - RibbonXML
CVAR - Built-in Function
CVDATE - Built-in Function
CVERR - Built-in Function
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