Developer Tab

If you want to add or edit worksheet controls then you will need to display the Developer tab.
This can be displayed by selecting
In Excel 2007 this is (Office Button > Excel Options)(Popular tab, "Show Developer tab in the Ribbon").
I would have thought this tab would have contained all the commands relating to macros as well, but three of the macro commands are available on the View tab.


Visual Basic - (Alt + F11). Opens the Visual Basic Editor allowing you to create and edit VBA macros.
Macros - (Alt + F8). Displays the "Macro" dialog box allowing you to run, edit and delete macros.
Record Macro - Records a macro. There is also a shortcut to this in the bottom left of the application window. This changes into "Stop Macro" while a macro is being recorded.
Use Relative References - Toggles the recording of relative references. Using relative references allows you to record actions relative to the initial starting cell.
Macro Security - Displays the Macro Settings tab of the "Trust Center" dialog box.


Add-Ins - (Added in 2016). Displays the "Office Add-Ins" dialog box where you can manage your add-ins and browse the Store.
Excel Add-Ins - (Added in 2010). Displays the "Add-Ins" dialog box.
COM Add-Ins - (Added in 2010). Displays the "COM Add-Ins" dialog box.


Insert - Drop-Down. This drop-down contains the Form Controls and the ActiveX Controls. (Forms toolbar and Control Toolbox Toolbar).
Design Mode - Toggles between Design mode and Run mode, allowing you to resize and edit controls.
Properties - Displays the "Properties" window from the Visual Basic Editor.
View Code - Opens the Visual Basic Editor allowing you to see the code behind a macro or control.
Run Dialog - (Redundant). Displays the dialog box when an MS Excel 5.0 Dialog is the active worksheet.


Source - Opens the XML Source Task Pane allowing you to manage XML Maps.
Map Properties - Lets you view or modify XML Map properties.
Expansion Packs - Displays the "XML Expansion Packs" dialog box letting you attach an expansion pack to a workbook.
Refresh Data - Refresh the XML Data in the workbook.
Import - Displays the "Import XML" dialog box allowing you to insert the contents of an XML file onto a worksheet.
Export - Lets you export data to an XML file. Your workbook must have an exportable XML map attached/associated with it.


In Excel 2016 this whole group was removed.

Document Panel - (Removed in 2016). Displays the "Document Information Panel" dialog box. Lets you use InfoPath templates that work across the whole of Office, including SharePoint.

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