Draw Tab

This tab is only available if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription.


Draw - (Added in 2017). (Toggle Button). Lets you quickly toggle the drawing of annotations.
Eraser - (Removed in 365). Lets you erase your ink annotations.
Lasso Select - (Removed in 365). This has been moved to the first icon in the Pens Gallery. Select by drawing a shape. Everything inside the shape will be selected.


Pens Gallery - Clicking on a pen allows you change the colour and the thickness. Not to be confused with the Text Highlight Color button that can be found in Word on the Home Tab.
Add Pen - (Removed in 365). You can now right mouse click on the gallery to display a popup menu. This menu contains the commands: Modify Tool, Add Another Highlighter and Delete Highlighter.

Ink Art

In 2017 this group was removed.
Convert To Shapes - (Removed in 2017). Lets you convert your annotated shapes to drawing shapes.


Ink To Shape - (Added in 2017). Lets you convert your annotated shapes to drawing shapes.
Ink To Math - Lets you quickly write out complex maths equations and have them converted to text. You can also insert an ink equation in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint by going to Insert > Equation > Ink Equation.


Ink Replay - Shows you order in which the ink was drawn allowing you to pause and replay.

Office 2013 / Office 2010

This tab was called Pens

Office 2007

This was a context sensitive tab called the Ink Tools - Pens Tab

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