Help Tab

This built-in tab was added in Excel 2019 and provides quick access to the Help Task Pane and some useful website links.

Help & Support

microsoft excel docs

Help - Displays the Help task pane displaying the home page. This can also be displayed by pressing F1.
Contact Support - Displays the Help task pane allowing you to request help.
Feedback - Displays the Feedback tab from the File tab.
Show Training - Displays the Help task pane. This displays training videos.
What's New - Displays the What's New task pane. See the most recently installed updates. This can also be accessed from the File tab, Account.


microsoft excel docs

Community - Opens a browser displays the Excel home page.
Excel Blog - Opens a browser displaying the Excel blog.


This tab was first introduced as an optional Excel 2007 Add-in which was then removed in Excel 2010.

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