Contextual Tabs

Also known as Tool Tabs, these are additional tabs that will appear when you are working with specific objects.
These tabs provide all the necessary commands to manipulate, edit and format that particular object.
When visible these tabs work exactly the same as the other tabs and you can easily switch between them.
When the object is de-selected the tab will automatically disappear.

SmartArt Tools - Design(TabSmartArtToolsDesign)
SmartArt Tools - Format(TabSmartArtToolsFormat)
Chart Tools - Design(TabChartToolsDesign)
Chart Tools - Format(TabChartToolsFormat)
Drawing Tools - Format(TabDrawingToolsFormat)
Picture Tools - Format(TabPictureToolsFormat)
Pivot Table Tools - Analyze(TabPivotTableToolsAnalyze)
Pivot Table Tools - Design(TabPivotTableToolsDesign)
Header & Footer Tools - Design(TabHeaderAndFooterToolsDesign)
Table Tools - Design(TabTableToolsDesignExcel)
Pivot Chart Tools - Analyze(TabPivotChartToolsAnalyze)
Pivot Chart Tools - Design(TabPivotChartToolsDesign)
Pivot Chart Tools - Format(TabPivotChartToolsFormat)
Ink Tools - Pens(Removed 2016) Replaced with the Draw Tab (TabInkToolsPens)
Sparkline Tools - Design(Added in 2010)
Timeline Tools 
Slicer Tools - Options(Added in 2010)
Search Tools 
Query Tools 
Equation Tools - Design 

Customize Ribbon Dialog Box

All these tabs can be seen and customised from the Customize Ribbon dialog box.

microsoft excel docs

Tabs Removed in 2013

Chart Tools - Layout(TabChartToolsLayout)
Pivot Chart Tools - Layout(TabPivotChartToolsLayout)
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