2017 MarchData Tab, Get External Data Group - removed
 Data Tab, Get & Transform Group - renamed to Get & Transform Data
2016 AugustTell Me Box - Improved search, content and recommendations. Simple tasks can be taken care of here while complex questions will show multiple options.
 Review Tab, Accessibility Group - Added to provide shortcut to Check Accessibility command
 Data Tab, Get & Transform Group - Enhanced connectors (SAP, OData, Access)
 Data Tab, Get & Transform Group - Query Editor, Step Names use Regional Settings to display different languages.
 Data Tab, Get & Transform Group - Query Editor, Query Steps has additional description field.
 Data Tab, Get & Transform Group - Query Editor, Date, Name of Day added, Name of Month added, Date and Time added, Combine Start of Hour added, End of Hour added.
2016 JulyData Tab, Get & Transform Group - More connectors added (SAP, SharePoint folder)
 Data Tab, Get & Transform Group - Data Tab, New Query > From Online Services menu added
2016 JuneData Tab, Get & Transform Group - Query Editor, Conditional Columns added
 Data Tab, Get & Transform Group - Query Editor, Column data type indicator added
2016 JanuaryDraw Tab was added to replace the context sensitive Ink Tools - Pens Tab.
 You can annotate with ink to make notes, create shapes and write maths equations.
 Equation Tools Design Tab, Tools Group - Ink Equations
2013Insert Tab, Tables Group - "Recommended Pivot Tables" added
 Insert Tab, Illustrations Group - "Online Pictures" added
 Insert Tab, Illustrations Group - "Clip Art" removed
 Insert Tab, Illustrations Group - "Screen Clipping" added
 Insert Tab, Apps Group - added
 Insert Tab, Charts Group - "Recommended Charts" added
 Insert Tab, Charts Group - Doughnut has been put under Pie
 Insert Tab, Charts Group - Bubble has been put under Scatter
 Insert Tab, Charts Group - Stock, Surface or Radar has its own drop-down
 Insert Tab, Charts Group - Insert Combo Chart - added
 Insert Tab, Sparklines Group - added
 Insert Tab, Filters Group - added
 Insert Tab, Text Group - "Object" removed
 Insert Tab, Text Group - "Equation" added to Symbols group
 Insert Tab, Text Group - Symbol moved to Symbols group
 Data Tab, Data Tools Group - "Flash Fill" added
 Data Tab, Data Tools Group - "Relationships" added
 Review Tab, Proofing Group - Translate moved to the Language group
 View Tab, Workbook Views Group - Page Break Preview and Page Layout has been swapped around
 View Tab, Workbook Views Group - "Full Screen" removed
 View Tab, Show Group - Message Bar removed
 View Tab, Window Group - Save Workspace removed
2010Better support for high performance computing (hpc) and clusters. Excel 2010 can delegate the calculation of particular User Defined Functions (UDF) to a compatible compute cluster so that a UDF is actually calculated remotely and not on the desktop PC.
 Additional Actions was introduced to replace custom Smart Tags.
 Available in 64 bit version addressing the 3G RAM limit, which exists in 32 bit
 Support for larger data sets
 Although it was previously possible to save and publish worksheet data to a SharePoint site, in Excel 2010, the options for doing this are now conveniently located together on the Share tab in Microsoft Office Backstage.
 Backstage View was introduced to replace the Office Button.
 KeyTips - The shortcuts that are available for the ribbon are called keytips - Press Alt to activate. To go back one level press ESC.

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