Standard Toolbar

Removed in 2007
This toolbar contains buttons to allow you to perform the basic operations such as opening and closing workbooks, moving and printing data.

New - Creates a new empty workbook with a given number of worksheets. Alternatively (File > New). (Ctrl + N)
Open - Displays the (File > Open) dialog box to open existing workbooks. (Ctrl + O).
Save - Saves the active workbook. Displays the (File > Save As) dialog box the first time a workbook is saved. (Ctrl + S).
Permission - (Added in 2003). Used in conjunction with Windows Rights Management services.
E-mail - Emails the active workbook or active worksheet.
Search - (Removed in 2003). Finds files, Web pages, and Outlook items based on the search criteria you enter.
Print - Prints the active worksheet. There is NO prompt. (Ctrl + P).
Print Preview - Displays the (File > Print Preview) dialog box.
Spelling - Displays the (Tools > Spelling) dialog box. (F7).
Research - (Added in 2003). Opens the Research task pane allowing you to access online information.
Cut - Cuts the current selection to the clipboard. (Ctrl + X).
Copy - Copies the current selection to the clipboard. (Ctrl + C).
Paste - Pastes the entry from the clipboard. (Ctrl + V). The Paste Options smart tag provides quick access to some of the Paste Special options.
Format Painter - Copies the format from a cell or range allowing it to be pasted elsewhere.
Undo - Undoes the last 16 actions you performed. (Ctrl + Z).
Redo - Redoes the last 16 actions you performed.
Insert Hyperlink - Displays the (Insert > Hyperlink) dialog box. (Ctrl + K).
AutoSum - Inserts the SUM() function.
Sort Ascending - Sorts data alphabetically from A to Z and numerically from the lowest number to the highest. Holding down Shift will toggle to a Descending sort.
Sort Descending - Sorts the data alphabetically from Z to A and numerically from the highest number to the lowest. Holding down Shift will toggle to an Ascending sort
Chart Wizard - Displays the (Insert > Chart) dialog box.
Drawing - Toggles the display of the Drawing toolbar.
Zoom - Adjusts the size that the worksheet appears on the screen.
Microsoft Excel Help - Displays the (Help > Microsoft Excel Help) dialog box. (F1).

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