Standard Toolbar

Removed in 2007
This toolbar contains buttons to allow you to perform the basic operations such as opening and closing workbooks, moving and printing data.

alt text

alt textNew - Creates a new empty workbook with a given number of worksheets. Alternatively (File > New). (Ctrl + N)
alt textOpen - Displays the (File > Open) dialog box to open existing workbooks. (Ctrl + O).
alt textSave - Saves the active workbook. Displays the (File > Save As) dialog box the first time a workbook is saved. (Ctrl + S).
alt textPermission - (Added in 2003). Used in conjunction with Windows Rights Management services.
alt textE-mail - Emails the active workbook or active worksheet.
alt textSearch - (Removed in 2003). Finds files, Web pages, and Outlook items based on the search criteria you enter.
alt textPrint - Prints the active worksheet. There is NO prompt. (Ctrl + P).
alt textPrint Preview - Displays the (File > Print Preview) dialog box.
alt textSpelling - Displays the (Tools > Spelling) dialog box. (F7).
alt textResearch - (Added in 2003). Opens the Research task pane allowing you to access online information.
alt textCut - Cuts the current selection to the clipboard. (Ctrl + X).
alt textCopy - Copies the current selection to the clipboard. (Ctrl + C).
alt textPaste - Pastes the entry from the clipboard. (Ctrl + V). The Paste Options smart tag provides quick access to some of the Paste Special options.
alt textFormat Painter - Copies the format from a cell or range allowing it to be pasted elsewhere.
alt textUndo - Undoes the last 16 actions you performed. (Ctrl + Z).
alt textRedo - Redoes the last 16 actions you performed.
alt textInsert Hyperlink - Displays the (Insert > Hyperlink) dialog box. (Ctrl + K).
alt textAutoSum - Inserts the SUM() function.
alt textSort Ascending - Sorts data alphabetically from A to Z and numerically from the lowest number to the highest. Holding down Shift will toggle to a Descending sort.
alt textSort Descending - Sorts the data alphabetically from Z to A and numerically from the highest number to the lowest. Holding down Shift will toggle to an Ascending sort
alt textChart Wizard - Displays the (Insert > Chart) dialog box.
alt textDrawing - Toggles the display of the Drawing toolbar.
alt textZoom - Adjusts the size that the worksheet appears on the screen.
alt textMicrosoft Excel Help - Displays the (Help > Microsoft Excel Help) dialog box. (F1).

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