Customize Ribbon

(File > Options)(Customize Ribbon)
In Excel 2007 you could customise the QAT but it wasn't possible to create your own tabs or groups.
Now you can create custom tabs and groups and rename or change the built-in tabs and groups.

microsoft excel docs

Definitive command - These are commands that automatically take you back to the Ribbon when invoked, examples are Save, Save As, Close
Fast commands - These are commands that appear on the left hand side
Tab - These are pages within the backstage view. The first tab is the default, if no location is specified, custom tabs are added to the bottom.
Groups - used to organise functionlaity within a tab

You can create your own tabs and groups and add whichever commands you want
Use the Add button to bring commands across
Use the Remove button to remove commands

Main Tabs

Tool Tabs

New Tabs

New Groups

Using Customisation Files

Importing and exporting

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