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Removed in 2007
* These were identical in Word and PowerPoint.

3-D Settings*Lets you give objects, lines and autoshapes a 3D appearance by changing the colour, depth, rotation and surface texture.
Align or Distribute*Lets you align multiple objects on the worksheet and to space them evenly.
Annotation PensYou must be using a Tablet PC. Added in 2003.
AutoShapes*Lets you quickly insert lines, connectors, arrows, flowcharts, callouts and banners.
Basic Shapes*Lets you insert normal and 3D shapes such as triangles, squares, circles. You can also insert brackets and many more. This was an AutoShape tear off toolbar.
Block Arrows*Lets you insert many different types of both straight and 3D arrows. This is an AutoShape tear off toolbar.
BordersLets you quickly add and remove lines from your cells.
Callouts*Lets you insert callouts which are boxes with lines leading from them. This was an AutoShape tear off toolbar.
Chart TypeLets you quickly select the different parts of a chart and aallow you to change the chart type easily.
ChartLets you create a chart from data on a worksheet and allows you to access and toggle various chart items including the legend and data table.
Circular ReferenceLets you identify any circular references in your formulas and helps to remove them.
ClipboardThis was replaced in Excel 2002 with the Clipboard task pane.
Compare Side by SideLets you compare and switch between windows. Added in 2003.
Connectors*Lets you insert lines that are attached to shapes and remain attached when they are stretched or moved. This was an AutoShape tear off toolbar.
Control Toolbox*Lets you add ActiveX controls to your worksheet which can be used with VBA.
Diagram*Lets you insert different types of diagrams including organisation, cycle, pyramid and radial.
DiscussionsLets you discuss files and tasks.
Draw Border*Lets you quickly add or remove a border or border grid to a range of cells.
Drawing CanvasLets you arrange and resize the objects in your drawing.
Drawing*Lets you add autoshapes, textboxes, diagrams and org charts as well as apply formatting including colours, arrows, shadows and 3D effects.
EnvelopeLets you print envelopes.
Exit Design ModeLets you easily exit design mode when you are working with ActiveX controls from the Control Toolbox toolbar.
External DataLets you manage and update any external data that is linked to your workbooks (eg web queries, database queries).
Fill ColorLets you apply background shading to the current selection of cells. This was a tear off toolbar from the Formatting toolbar.
Flowchart*This was an AutoShape tear off toolbar.
Font ColorLets you change the colour of the font for the current selection. This was a tear off toolbar from the Formatting toolbar.
FormattingLets you apply and change the basic formatting of your worksheet such as font, font size, bold, alignment, number format, indenting as well as colours.
FormsLets you create your own forms by adding controls to the worksheet.
Formula AuditingLets you trace errors, display precedent and dependent arrows, provides quick access to the evaluate formula dialog box.
Full ScreenIf you select (View > Full Screen) to remove all the toolbars and row and column headings, this toolbar is displayed and allows you to close the full screen view.
Ink AnnotationsLets you annotate your work. Added in 2003.
Ink Drawing and WritingLets you converts digital ink to text. Added in 2003.
Insert Shape*This was a tear off toolbar from the Organisation Chart toolbar.
Line Color*Lets you change the colour of the line around the border of an AutoShape.
Lines*Lets you add. This was an AutoShape tear off toolbar.
ListLets you create, update and manipulate your lists quickly. Added in 2003.
Nudge*Lets you move selected objects up. Down, left and right in small increments.
Online MeetingLets you have online meetings with other users that have Windows XP Net Meeting installed.
Order*Lets you move the selected object in front or behind other overlapping objects.
Organisation Chart*Lets you create, edit and format hierarchical organisation charts.
PatternLets you apply background patterns to the current selection of cells. This is not accessible by default but the command can be added from the Customise dialog box. This was a tear off toolbar from the Formatting toolbar.
Picture*Lets you insert pictures from files and lets you apply formatting including changing the contrast, brightness, format as well as letting you crop and rotate the picture.
Pivot Table Field ListThis was actually a task pane.
Pivot TableLets you manipulate, change and refresh a pivot table and pivot chart.
ProtectionLets you lock, unlock cells, protect worksheets and workbooks.
ReviewingLets you review changes, highlight changes and accept or reject changes made to a worksheet which is shared.
Rotate or Flip*Lets you rotate and flip any objects, lines or autoshapes on your worksheet.
Shadow Settings*This can be displayed from the Shadow Style command on the Drawing toolbar.
StandardLets you perform most of the basic operations such as opening, saving, printing, copying, sorting as well as a quick way to access the help.
Stars and Banners*This is an AutoShape tear off toolbar.
Stop RecordingLets you easily stop recording a macro.
Text To SpeechLets you listen to cell contents.
Visual Basic*Lets you record and write your own macros to perfrom repetitve tasks.
Watch WindowLets you monitor the output generated from cell references by allowing you to debug and analyse complicated formulas. This was actually a dialog box.
WebLets you access the internet directly from Excel.
WordArt*Lets you format and edit text effects.

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