Reviewing Toolbar

Removed in 2007

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alt textNew Comment - Inserts a comment at the insertion point.
alt textPrevious Comment - Goes to the previous comment in the active file.
alt textNext Comment - Goes to the next comment in the active file.
alt textShow/Hide Comment - Displays or hides the comment for the active cell.
alt textShow All Comments - Turns display of comments on the worksheet on or off.
alt textDelete Comment - Removes the selected comment from the file.
alt textHide Ink Annotations - You must be using a Tablet PC to be able to use this feature. (Added in 2003)
alt textDelete All Ink Annotations - Removes all ink annotations. You do not have to be using a Tablet PC to use this feature. (Added in 2003)
alt textCreate Outlook Task - Creates a new Outlook task using the contents of the comment.
alt textUpdate File - Updates a read-only file to the most recently saved version. Also updates changes made to a shared workbook (not read-only) by other users before you save your changes.
alt textSend to Mail Recipient - Sends the entire workbook as an attachment to an e-mail message.
alt textReply With Changes -
alt textEnd Review - This ends the reviw for all the reviewers.

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