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Removed in 2007

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Bold - Toggles bold on the current selection.
Italic - Toggles italics on the current selection.
Underline - Toggles underline on the current selection.
Font Color - Changes the colour of the font of the current selection. The toolbar displays the last colour that you applied to your data (values and data). The tool tip text will display the name of the colour currently selected.
The Font Color drop-down menu is actually a tear off toolbar and can be treated like a toolbar.
The font colour will be set to automatic by default.

Font and Font Size drop-downs
A font is just a typeface that defines how letters, numbers and symbols will be displayed.
Selecting the font drop-down box will display the list of fonts displayed in their actual fonts.
Applying bold may increase the width of the characters and may change the length of the text.
A size (or point) is 1/72 of an inch. Therefore characters in font size 12pt are 12/72 of an inch tall.
The icons on the left of the font names indicate if the font is a True Type font or a Screen font.

microsoft excel docs

It is possible to change this drop-down list so it just lists all the fonts in Arial 10.
This can be changed from the (Tools > Customise)(Options tab).
When you select or clear this check box, the Font drop-down box will also be changed in Word and PowerPoint as well.

microsoft excel docs

The default font is Arial 10 and can be changed from the Options - General tab

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