User FAQs

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1) Is there a quick way to apply the same formatting to multiple worksheets ?
Yes. By grouping your sheets.
You can group sheets by holding down Ctrl and selecting the different tabs.

2) What is the difference between Wrap Text and Merge Cells ?
Wrap Text - when applied will mean that text will automatically appear on multiple lines to fit the column width.
Merge Cells - allows two or more cells to be combined to make one larger cell that can span multiple columns and/or rows.

3) When would you use the Center Across Selection horizontal text alignment ?
This allows you to center text across a selection of cells, without the disadvantages of actually merging the cells.

4) What is the shortcut key for applying the percentage format with no decimal places ?
(Ctrl + Shift + %)

5) What is the quickest way to remove all formatting ?
Home Tab, Clear > Clear Formats

6) What is the name given to the default number format ?
General - this has no specific number format.

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