In Excel 2003 there was a limit of 4,000 different types of formatting allowed in the same workbook. This is now unlimited.
 Excel 2007 supports up to 16 million colours (instead of being limited to 56).
 The position of the controls on the Border tab has changed slightly but the functionality is identical
 The Patterns tab has been renamed to Fill and the controls have changed
 The color palette has been removed and replaced with themes
 In 2003 the pattern style and colour was combined onto one drop-down.
 In 2007 this has been split up into two different drop-downs
 In 2003 you had to choose a colour from the paletter
 In 2007 you can choose any colour and even include a fill effect if you want
 The fill effects button allows you to add a fill effect
 The more colours button allows you to choose a colour that is not one of the theme colours
 This has replaced the old Auto format dialog box
 Some cell styles and formatting is not supported and will be converted to the closest format.
 Default font is now Calibri 11 and not Arial 10.
 6 modern new fonts
 You can use up to 512 different fonts in a workbook ?
 These let you change the overall design
 Cells can now be quickly formatting using themes and specific styles.
 Themes can be shared across Word and PowerPoint.
 A style is a pre-defined theme based format that you can apply to change the look of tables, charts, pivot tables, shapes and diagrams.
 You cannot create your own chart styles ??
 In addition to the new gallery controls there is also a live preview to show the results of applying a feature to your document when you move the cursor over the gallery choices.
 This makes it very easy to experiment and a lot faster to achieve the desired results.
 When you hover your mouse over a gallery item you will see a preview of how that particular choice (or option) will affect your file
 A gallery opens up when you click on the more button located below any scroll bar on a tab.
 Each gallery is a collection of thumbnail graphics which provide you with a visual way of browsing choice (or options)
 Number of colours allowed increased from 56 (on colour palette) to 4.3 billion
 Total number of unique cell formats that can be used in a workbook increased from 4000 to 64,000

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