VBA Code

All cell values in a table end in Chr(13) & Chr(7)

Be careful when using the VBA code Selection.MoveEnd as you can extend a selection by two characters and end up selecting two whole rows in a table

When you are at the "endofrowmark" in a table you are still considered within the table (ie selection.information(wdwithintable) = True

Dim objTable As Word.Table 
objTable = ActiveDocument.Range.Tables.Add( , row, column)

If objRange.Information(wdInformation.wdWithinTable) = True Then 

End If

Range Object

Dim objCell As Word.Cell 
objCell = objTable.Cell(row,column)
objCell.Range.Text = "some text"

objTable.Row(1).Range.Bold = 1 ' True  
objTable.Row(1).Range.Bold = 0 ' False
objTable.Row(1).Range.Bold = - 1'undefined = wdConstants.wdUndefined


rows(1).spacebetweencolumns = 0 
activedocument.tables(1).range.cells.range.insertbefore text:="cell" & 5
.rows.allowbreakacrosspages = false
.converttotable seperator:=wdseperatebytabs,

Select Continuous Cells

Set objRange = ActiveDocument.Range(Start:=.Tables(1).Cell(2,2).Range.Start, _ 

This will create a range for a continuous group of cells.
The start must occur before the end, both in terms of rows and columns

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