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microsoft excel docsDesign Mode - Toggles design mode.
microsoft excel docsRun / Continue - Run switches from design time to run time. Continue switches from break mode to run time. When in break mode the name of the button changes to Continue (Ctrl + F8).
microsoft excel docsBreak - Switches from run time to break mode.
microsoft excel docsReset - Switches from break mode or run time to design time.
microsoft excel docsToggle Breakpoint - Defines a line in a module where Visual Basic suspends execution of the application (F9).
microsoft excel docsStep Into - Runs the next executable line of code in the application and steps into procedures (F8).
microsoft excel docsStep Over - Executes the next executable line of code in the application without stepping into procedures (Shift + F8).
microsoft excel docsStep Out - Executes the remaining lines of the current procedure and breaks at the next line in the calling procedure (Ctrl + Shift + F8) - check
microsoft excel docsLocals Window - Displays the Locals window to show the values of all the local variables.
microsoft excel docsImmediate Window - Displays the Immediate window to allow you to to run code or query values while the application is in break mode (Ctrl + G).
microsoft excel docsWatch Window - Displays Watch window to show values of selected expressions.
microsoft excel docsQuick Watch - Displays the Quick Watch window to show the values of expressions and variables while the application is in break mode (Shift + F9).
microsoft excel docsCall Stack - Displays the Call Stack dialog box while in break mode that shows all procedures that have been called but not yet run to completion.


Step Over is similar to Step InTo, but differs in the way it handles a call to another procedure.

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