Shortcut Keys

F5Runs the current procedure or continues if in debug mode (Run > Run Sub)
F8 Step Into. Executes the current line and moves to the next line (Debug > Step Into)
F9Inserts or toggles a breakpoint (Debug > Toggle Breakpoint)
Shift + F2Current Definition (View > Definition)
Shift + F8Step Over. Executes the current procedure assuming it works (Debug > Step Over)
Shift + F9Activates the Quick Watch window adding the current variable (Debug > Quick Watch)
Ctrl + F8Run to the cursor (Debug > Run To Cursor)
Ctrl + F9Sets the next line that will be executed (Debug > Set Next Statement)
Ctrl + Shift + F8Step Out. Executes the rest of the current procedure (Debug > Step Out)
Ctrl + Shift + F9Clear all breakpoints from the active project (Debug > Clear All Breakpoints)
Ctrl + BreakWill interrupt your macro, alternatively you can press ESC (Run > Break)

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