User FAQs

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1) When debugging what do the following shortcut keys do ?
(F5) - Runs or continues in Debug Mode.
(F8) - Step Into, Moves to the next line of code or into a subroutine.
(Shift + F8) - Step Over, Moves to the next line of code or runs the whole subroutine.
(Ctrl + Shift + F8) - Step Out, Executes all the remaining lines of code in the current subroutine.

2) When debugging have you ever used the 'Break on All Errors' option ?
This option can be found on the (Tools > Options)(General Tab) dialog box.
If checked any errors cause the project to enter break mode, whether or not an error handler is active and whether or not the code is in a class module.

3) Can you identify which line causes a run-time error ?

Dim myDouble As Double 
Dim myInteger As Integer
myDouble = 3276700
myInteger = 32767
myDouble = myInteger * 100# 'TypeName(100#) = Double
myInteger = 32767
myDouble = myInteger * 100 'TypeName(100) = Integer

The last line causes an overflow run-time error.
This is because the data type when using the multiply operator (*) is always equal to the data type of the largest expression.
The expression "100#" has a data type of Double, therefore the result also has the data type Double

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