Returns whether a string is contained inside another string.


* For instructions on how to add a function to a workbook refer to the page under Inserting Functions
* The equivalent JavaScript function is CONTAINS

'sText1 - The text string containing your substring.
'sText2 - The text string to look for.
'bIgnoreCase - (Optional) Whether you want to ignore the case of the text.

Public Function CONTAINS(ByVal sText1 As String, _
                         ByVal sText2 As String, _
                Optional ByVal bIgnoreCase As Boolean = False) As Boolean
   Call Application.Volatile(True)
   CONTAINS = False
   If Len(sText1) = 0 Or Len(sText2) = 0 Then Exit Function
   If bIgnoreCase = False Then
      If UCase(sText2) Like "*" & UCase(sText1) & "*" Then
         CONTAINS = True
      End If
      If sText2 Like "*" & sText1 & "*" Then
         CONTAINS = True
      End If
   End If
End Function
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