Custom Functions in Excel

This Excel add-in provides additional worksheet functions that will increase your productivity.
If you are familiar with VBA user defined functions then this add-in is definitely for you.
These functions can be used in your regular formulas to help perform data analysis and data manipulation.
Our list of initial functions has been taken from the following add-ins: ASAP Utilities, Power Utility Pack, KuTools, OzGrid and MoreFunc.
We are slowly adding to this list, so please let us know if there are any functions you would like us to include.

Online Documentation
This task pane provides access to our online documentation from inside Excel.
If you would prefer to read the documentation in a browser, copy and paste the following link:

link - 

You must have an Office 365 subscription.
Your version of Office 365 must be at least 16.0.11629 on Windows 10.
This add-in will work on the Desktop and Office Online.

Over 50 additional worksheet functions.
Add sample data quickly for faster learning.
Replace all the functions with formulas or values.
Every function is documented with examples on our website.

Popular Functions

SpellNumber(23) = "Twenty Three"
SpellNumber(4681) = "Four Thousand, Six Hundred and Eighty One"

This add-in will not work on Office 2016, Office 2019 or Office 2021.
This add-in will not work with Windows 7.
This add-in will not work with Internet Explorer 11.
To get the latest builds of Microsoft 365, you will need to be on the Monthly Channel.

Download / Install

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old id - WA200004740

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