The commandbar is a generic term that includes menu bars, toolbars and shortcut menus.

Creating a new CommandBar

You create a new command bar using the Add method from the CommandBars collection:
This is the same in Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Application.CommandBars.Add Name:="MyCustomToolbar" 
                            Temporary:=True or msoTriState.msoTrue

Name - The name of the new command bar. If omitted a default name is assigned to the command bar (such as Custom 1).
Position - The position or type of the new command bar.
MenuBar - The default value is False. True to replace the active menu bar with the new command bar.
Temporary - The default value is False. True to make the new command bar temporary. Temporary command bars are deleted when the container application is closed.

Preventing a Toolbar from being modified

Application.CommandBars("MyCustomToolbar").Protection = msoBarProtection.msoBarNoCustomize 

The Protection constants are additive which means you can apply several to the same commandbar.
The following means the toolbar cannot be customised or moved.

Application.CommandBars("MyCustomToolbar").Protection = msoBarNoCustomize + msoBarNoMove 

Creating a new commandbar

Dim objCommandBar As CommandBar

Set objCommandBar = Application.CommandBars.Add( 

Deleting a CommandBar


DIsablying a CommandBar

CommandBars("MyToolbar").Enabled = False 

This effectively removs it from view and also from the Customise dialog box list of toolbars
Is there a quick way to disable the controls on a toolbar ??

Quick Cleanup

Private Sub RemoveAllCommands 
Dim objCommandBarControl As CommandBarControl

'ignore any errors while cleaning up - err NO !!!!
On Error Resume Next

With CommandBars
'find a commandbarbutton with our tag
  Set objCommandBarControl = .FindControl(Tag:="MyTag")

   Do Until objCommandBarControl Is Nothing
'delete the control we found

'find the next one
     Set objCommandBarControl = .FindControl(Tag:="MyTag")
End With

End Sub

CommandBars.Reset ?? 

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