Copying Sheets

Copying an existing worksheet

The Copy method of the Worksheet object allow you to copy one or more worksheets in a single operation.
The Copy method does not return any reference to the copies worksheet

There are two optional parameters that allow you to specify the destination of the operation.
The destination can be either before or after a specified sheet.

If you do not specify one of these parameters, then the worksheet will be copied to a new workbook.

The first sheet created by a Copy (or resulting from a Move) will be the immediatley active after the operation.

Worksheets(1).Copy After:=Worksheets(2) 

Worksheets("Sheet1").Copy After:=Worksheets("Sheet3") 

Worksheets("Template").Visible = True 
Worksheets("Template").Copy After:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)
Worksheets("Template").Visible = xlsheetvisibility.xlsheetveryhidden
ActiveSheet.Name = "Name of new worksheet"

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