Editor Format Tab


All these options allow you to control the text colour and background colours for various items in your Code Window.
Most people do not change these options.
Colour Code - It is possible to customise the colours of all the following items:
The default font for all these settings is Courier New (Western), 10.
This is a fixed width font meaning all characters are the exactly the same width.
Normal -
Selection - Dark Blue background
Syntax Error - Red text
Execution Point - Yellow background and Yellow indicator in margin
Breakpoint - Red background and Red indicator in margin
Comment - Green text
Keyword - Red text
Identifier -
Bookmark - Light Blue background and Light Blue indicator
Call Return - Light Green indicator
Foreground - This is the colour that specifies the Text colour.
Background - This is the colour that specifies the Background colour of the text.
Indicator - This is the colour of the margin indicator that will appear next to that particular item.
Font - The font used to display your code. The default font is Courier New (Western). To make your code easy to read you should always use a fixed-width font, (ie all characters have the same width).
Size - The font size used to display your code. The default font size is 10.
Margin Indicator Bar - This is the margin that appears on the left of your code module. This option lets you toggle whether the margin indicator bar is visible or not.

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