Code Colors

The default font for all these settings is Courier New (Western), 10.
This is a fixed width font meaning all characters are the exactly the same width.

Normal Text

Any text that is not identified as a keyword or comment is displayed with black text

Selection Text

When you highlight text this text is displayed with a dark blue background

Syntax Error Text

When a syntax error is detected the whole line is displayed with red text
For example typing "ub" instead of "sub"

Execution Point Text

When you are stepping through your code the line is displayed with a yellow background

Breakpoint Text

When you set a manual breakpoint the whole line is displayed with a dark red background

Comment Text

When you add inline comments they are displayed with green text

Keyword Text

When a keyword is detected they are displayed with dark blue text
The colour of subroutine names, function names and arguments is controlled by 'Identifier Text'

Identifier Text

When a subroutine name, function name or argument is detected they are displayed as normal text
Changing this to something else will help you to read your code more easily.

Bookmark Text

When you add a bookmark the default is to display them with an aqua blue indicator <more - debugging/bookmarks>

Call Return Text

When a <call return> is detected and displayed it is shown with a light green indicator
This indicator is displayed when you double click an item in the Call Stack dialog box
The triangle is used to indicate the line responsible for the current execution.

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