Object List Box

At the top of the code window there are two drop-down boxes.
This can be found at the Top Left of the code window and displays either general objects (userforms or controls) or specific objects (workbooks, documents etc).
Displays all the objects that are associated with the current project.

When an application specific object is selected in the Project Explorer, the Object Box contains two entries General and Declarations
The section called (declarations) is where to place variable declarations for module-level variables that you want available in every procedure within the module.

When a userforms is selected in the Project Explorer the Object list displays all the controls that can be found on that userform.
The other options displays the available object events

All the procedures and functions that are contained within a module are listed in the top right drop-down box.
It is important to remember that this list is alphabetical and is not the order in which they appear.

Since a standard module has no objects the drop-down list in the top left always displays "General"

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