Reinitialises the elements of an array.


The name of the array.

The "arraylist" can be a single array variable or can be multiple array variables, seperated by a comma.
This subroutine basically deletes all the current elements and replaces them with either 0 or a zero length string ("").
If the array is an array of Variants then the elements are set to Empty.
If the array is an array of Objects then the elements are set to Nothing.
This subroutine behaves slightly differently depending on the type of array (either a fixed size or dynamic). No memory is recovered.
A dynamic array will need to use the ReDim statement again before any elements can be added.
A static (or fixed size) array will be filled with blank elements.
After using the Erase statement on a variable length array you must use the ReDim subroutine to redeclare the dimensions of the array.
For working examples, please refer to Arrays > Erase Statement

Erase ArrayName 
Erase ArrayName1, ArrayName2, ArrayName3

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