Numbers Functions

ABSReturns the absolute value of a number (Variant).
ATNReturns the arctangent of a number in radians (Double).
COSReturns the cosine of an angle in radians (Double).
EXPReturns the base of natural logarithm raised to a power (Double).
FIXReturns the integer portion of a number (Double).
FORMATCURRENCYReturns the expression formatted as a currency value (String).
FORMATNUMBERReturns the expression formatted as a number (String).
FORMATPERCENTReturns the expression formatted as a percentage (String).
HEXReturns the number converted to hexadecimal (String).
INTReturns the number rounded down to the nearest integer (Double).
LOGReturns the natural logarithm of a number (Double).
MODReturns the remainder after division (Integer).
OCTReturns the number converted to octal (Variant).
RANDOMIZEInitialises the random number generator.
RNDReturns a random number between 0 and 1 (Single).
ROUNDReturns a number rounded to a given number of decimal places (Double).
SGNReturns the sign of a number (Integer).
SINReturns the sine of an angle in radians (Double).
SQRReturns the square root of a number (Double).
TANReturns the tangent of an angle (Double).

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