Returns the number converted to hexadecimal (String).

numberThe number you want to convert to hexadecimal (String or Double).

* If "number" is Null, then Null is returned
* If "number" is empty, then 0 is returned.
* Each value may contain the numbers 0-9 and the letter A-F.
* The hexadecimal number returned can be up to 8 characters long.
* If "number" is not a whole number, then it is rounded to the nearest whole number.
* You can use the OCT function to return the number converted to octal.
* You can use the HEX$ function to return a String data type instead of a Variant/String data type.
* The equivalent Excel function is BIN2HEX
* The equivalent .NET function is Microsoft.VisualBasic.Conversion.Hex
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to docs.microsoft.com

Hex(9) = 9 
Hex(10) = A
Hex(16) = 10 (or &H10)
Hex(255) = FF (or &HFF)
Hex(256) = 100 (or &H100)

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