LOADPICTURE([filename] [,widthdesired] [,heightdesired] [,flags])

Loads a picture from a file into a Picture or Image control (IPictureDisp).

filename(Optional) The full pathname of the bitmap file (String).
widthdesired(Optional) The width of the picture in twips (Long).
heightdesired(Optional) The height of the picture in twips (Long).
flags(Optional) The colour depth as LoadPictureConstants:
Color (3)
Default (0)
Monochrome (1)
VgaColor (2)

* For controls with captions, use the PicturePosition property to specify where to display the picture on the object.
* Transparent pictures sometimes have a hazy appearance.
* If you do not like this appearance, display the picture on a control that supports opaque images.
* The Image and MultiPage controls support opaque images.
* You can use the SAVEPICTURE statement to save a graphic image from an objects picture or image property to a file.

imgImage1.Picture = LoadPicture("C:\Temp\picture.jpg") 

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