SKIPIF expression1 operator expression2

Compares two expressions.


* Don't use the SKIPIF field and is only available for backwards compatibility.
* You can select data records more easily by using the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box, which appears when you connect to a data source during a mail merge.
* If the comparison is true, SKIPIF cancels the current merge document, moves to the next data record in the data source, and starts a new merge document. If the comparison is false, Microsoft Word continues the current merge document.
* This field can be found in the Compares two expressions and evaluates the comparison. category
* Inserted into a mail merge main document, the following field examines the contents of the Order field for the current data record. If the field contains a number less than 100, no merged document is produced for that data record.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to


{ SKIPIF { MERGEFIELD Order } < 100 }

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