Drawing Canvas

When you insert a drawing object or graphic a "drawing canvas" is placed around it for you.
The drawing canvas is intended to help you arrange your drawings in a document and it works well if your drawing consist of several shapes.
You can switch this off from (Tools > Options)(General tab)(Automatically create drawing canvas when inserting AutoShapes

To link a worksheet cell range into a Word copy. Copy the cells. In Word select (Edit > Paste Special) select "Formatted Text (RTF)" and "Paste as link" This will display the numbers in a table form.
The best way to copy and paste an Excel chart into Word is ??
To link a worksheet cell range and just display the numbers, no table. Select (Edit > Paste Special) select "Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object" and "Paste as link" You are not able to format the table in Word with this method.
There is a restriction to how much data you can copy and paste from Excel into Word using the clipboard (what is it ??)

If you are inserting several shapes it will probably be worth adding a drawing canvas
(Insert Tab, Shapes > New Drawing Canvas)
When the drawing canvas is active the Drawing Tools - Format Tab is displayed
The items from the toolbar has been added to the shortcut menu.

When does it appear ?

When you insert any Autoshapes (2003)
(lines, connectors, basic shapes, block arrows, flowchart, stas & banners, callouts)
Basically anything from the Drawing toolbar (excluding wordart, diagrams and org charts, clip art, pictures)
It appears automatically when you are about to draw an AutoShape you can press (Ctrl + Z), Del or Esc to remove the canvas without turning off your shape selection.
This was you can add the shape directly to the document.

Check your Options

(Tools > Options)(General tab, "Automatically create drawing canvas when inserting Autoshapes")
The default in 2002 and 2003 was to have it ticked
In 2007 and 2010 this is unticked by default.

When is the Drawing Canvas needed ?

Designed to help you organise your drawing objects
Useful when you are creating a drawing that contains several individual objects when a group of shapes are contained in a single drawing canvas they are easier to manage
For 1 or 2 independent objects it has little use.
When you are using connectors between shapes Connector lines are only available inside a drawing canvas.

Inserting a Drawing Canvas

2007 - Insert tab, Shapes drop-down, New Drawing Canvas
2003 - Insert > Picture > New Drawing
A blue outline will appear around your drawing canvas
You can move and resize the canvas in the normal way
By default the drawing canvas has no border or background and is positioned "inline" with your text.

Drawing Canvas Toolbar

microsoft excel docs

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Format Drawing Canvas Dialog Box
Frames are not put in drawing canvas's when they are created from text boxes

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