WordArt Toolbar

The WordArt toolbar for Word is slightly different to the toolbar that can be found in Excel and PowerPoint.
This toolbar has an additional button called Text Wrapping.

microsoft excel docs

microsoft excel docsText Wrapping -

Please refer to the following page in the PowerPoint section for details on the other buttons.
[[PowerPoint > WordArt]]

Text Wrapping Drop-Down

microsoft excel docs

Text Wrapping Toolbar

microsoft excel docs

microsoft excel docsIn Line With Text -
microsoft excel docsSquare -
microsoft excel docsTight -
microsoft excel docsBehind Text -
microsoft excel docsIn Front Of Text -
microsoft excel docsTop and Bottom -
microsoft excel docsThrough -
microsoft excel docsEdit Wrap Boundary -

It is possible to save your WordArt as a seperate file if you wish. Right click the object and select Copy. Open Micorsoft Paint and paste. Save the file as a bitmap (.bmp)
You can create your own watermarks by having a very faint picture in the background choose (View > Header and Footer) click the Show / Hide Document text button. Insert and size your picture. Select (Format > Format Picture)(Wrapping tab) and select "watermark" from the drop down list on the right of the color list. You can see the watermark when you are in Print Preview

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