Chart Object

When you want a dynamic link between a chart in Excel you can insert it as a linked or embedded object
1) Linked Objects
you want the most-up-to-date information displayed
you need the word file to update when the source file is changed
the size of your word document to be as small as possible

2) Embedded Objects
you want the data kept separately in the original and the word files
you need the data to stand alone in your document
you want to retain the original formatting

3) Display as icon
you don't have to display the data you can choose to insert the link as an icon instead
the default icon is set as the original file type

Embedded Chart

Change Source - Displays the Change Source dialog box allowing you to browse to a new file
You can use the "Item" button to specify a named range etc

Linked Chart

Links Dialog

Shortcut Menu

(same as bottom of Edit drop-down
Update Link - Refreshes the link (no prompt) same as (Edit > Update Link)
Edit Link - Opens Excel and displays chart object
Open Link - same as Edit Link
Convert - same as "Worksheet Object"
Links - same as (Edit > Links)


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