Table Entry Fields

A TC field or table entry is a special code designated by the letters TC within curley brackets like {TC}
This tells Word to insert this text within the code into a table of contents.
To include text that occurs in the middle of a paragraph you can insert a TC field that contains the text you want.
Although it is possible to mark a portion of a paragraph with a heading style, Word only includes the text in a TOC field when it is marked at the beginning of a paragraph.
You can use a TC field to further customise your table of contents
For example you can use TC fields to omit page numbers from part of the TOC by adding a switch (\) in the TC field for a given entry
To mark a table of contents entry with a TC field, select the text that you want to appear in the TOC and press (Alt + Shift + O)
This displays the Mark Table of Contents dialog box.

The mark table of contents entry dialog box allows you to select the outline level that each TOC entry should have
The code in the TC field is just for instruction it is formatted as hidden text and will not be printed.

Edit Field - TOC

When Word inserts a table of contents into a document it will actually insert a TOC field.
This field will contain all the necessary information to display and format the table of contents accordingly.
It is possible to control many aspects of the table of contents that you cannot easily control through the dialog box.

Adding Table of Contents Entries

Highlight the text you want to include in the table of contents
Press (Alt + Shift + O) to display the "Mark Table of Contents Entry" dialog box.

microsoft excel docs

Entry -
Table Identifier -
Level - This is the heading level where you want the entry to appear.
Mark -


These give you extra control over how the entry will look in the TOC
\l switch contains the level of the TC entry
\n omits the page number (so is displayed more like a heading/title)

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