Return a persons age in years

Cell "A3" displays the date the person was born.

1=TODAY() = 19/05/2024
2=NOW() = 19/05/2024
3=DATE(1990, 1, 1) = 01/01/1990
4=INT(YEARFRAC(TODAY(), A3, 1)) = 34
5=DATEDIF(A3, TODAY(), "y") = 34
6=DATEDIF(A3, NOW(), "y") = 34

Built-in Functions

NOW - The date serial number of the current system date and time.
TODAY - The date serial number representing today's date.
TEXT - The number as a formatted text string.
YEARFRAC - The number of years as a decimal between two dates.
DATEDIF - (Compatibility) The number of days, months or years between two dates.
DATE - The date as a date serial number given a year, month, day.
INT - The number rounded down to the nearest integer.

User Defined Function

AGE - Returns the age of a person given a birthday.

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