Returns the age of a person given a birthday.


* For instructions on how to add a function to a workbook refer to the page under Inserting Functions
* The equivalent JavaScript function is AGE

microsoft excel docs

If "dtBirthday" is not a valid date , then #VALUE! is returned.
Alternatively you could use the following formula: =INT(YEARFRAC(TODAY(),"01/07/1977",1))

'dtBirthday - The date of the birthday.

Public Function AGE(ByVal dtBirthday As Date) As Integer

   If Int(dtBirthday) > 0 Then
      Select Case Month(Date())
         Case Is < Month(dtBirthday)
               AGE = Year(Date()) - Year(dtBirthday) - 1
         Case Is = Month(dtBirthday)
            If Day(Date) >= Day(dtBirthday) Then
               AGE = Year(Date()) - Year(dtBirthday)
               AGE = Year(Date()) - Year(dtBirthday) - 1
            End If
         Case Is > Month(dtBirthday)
            AGE = Year(Date()) - Year(dtBirthday)
      End Select
      AGE = CVErr(xlErrNA)
   End If
End Function

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