Returns the number rounded down to the nearest integer.

numberThe number you want to round down to an integer.

* Negative numbers are rounded down.
* You can use the CEILING.MATH function to round up to the nearest integer or significant figure.
* You can use the FLOOR.MATH function to round down to the nearest integer or significant figures.
* You can use the ROUND function to round to a specified number of digits.
* You can use the TRUNC function to return a number with any decimal placed removed.
* The equivalent VBA function is VBA.INT
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to
* For the Google documentation refer to

1=INT(1.5) = 1
2=INT(-4.3) = -5
3=INT(-8.9) = -9
4=INT(10.3)-10.3 = -0.3
5=INT(50.01) = 50
6=INT(50.99) = 50
7=INT(-50.01) = -51
8=INT(-50.99) = -51
9=INT("") = #VALUE!
10=INT("some text") = #VALUE!

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