Microsoft Office ExcelMicrosoft Excel

Icon and Description
Icon Sets
Icons on Toolbars
Identify Column Letter
Identify Format Bar
Identify Hidden Cells
Identify Row Number
IF - Built-in Function
IF - More Than 7
IF - Nested
If Blank
If Empty
If Formulas
If Is Not
If Not Number
If Then
IFERROR - Built-in Function
IFNA - Built-in Function
IFS - Built-in Function
Ignore Filtered
Ignore Filtered Results
Ignore Internet and File Addresses
Ignore Negative Values
Ignore Words in Uppercase
Ignoring Errors
Ignoring Null Values
Ignoring Text
IMABS - Built-in Function
IMAGINARY - Built-in Function
Imaginary Numbers
Imaginary Numbers - Cosecant
Imaginary Numbers - Cosine
Imaginary Numbers - Cotangent
Imaginary Numbers - Hyperbolic Cosecant
Imaginary Numbers - Hyperbolic Cosine
Imaginary Numbers - Hyperbolic Secant
Imaginary Numbers - Hyperbolic Sine
Imaginary Numbers - Secant
Imaginary Numbers - Sine
Imaginary Numbers - Tangent
IMARGUMENT - Built-in Function
IMCONJUGATE - Built-in Function
IMCOS - Built-in Function
IMCOSH - Built-in Function
IMCOT - Built-in Function
IMCSC - Built-in Function
IMCSCH - Built-in Function
IMDIV - Built-in Function
IMEXP - Built-in Function
IMLN - Built-in Function
IMLOG10 - Built-in Function
IMLOG2 - Built-in Function
Implicit Intersection
Implied Volatility
Import CSV File
Import Data Multiple Worksheets
Import External Data
Import File
Import from Access Database
Import from CSV File
Import from HTML
Import from SQL Server Database
Import from Text File
Import from XML
Import TXT File
Import Worksheet
Importing Data
Importing Excel Tables
Importing Graphics
IMPOWER - Built-in Function
IMPRODUCT - Built-in Function
IMREAL - Built-in Function
IMSEC - Built-in Function
IMSECH - Built-in Function
IMSIN - Built-in Function
IMSINH - Built-in Function
IMSQRT - Built-in Function
IMSUB - Built-in Function
IMSUM - Built-in Function
IMTAN - Built-in Function
In Cell Chart
Inactive Cell
Inch Settings
Inch to Cm
Including Text Inside Formulas
Increase by a Percentage
Increase Decimal
Increase Font Size
Increase Indent Button
Increase Row Height
Indent Box
Indent Cell Contents
INDEX - Built-in Function
INDEX Explained
Index Named Range
Indic Languages
Indicator - Cells
Indicator - Green Triangle
INDIRECT - Built-in Function
INDIRECT - Referencing Cells Indirectly
INDIRECT Explained
Indirect with Validation
Individual Characters
INFO - Built-in Function
Information Functions
Information Rights Management (IRM)
Ink Replay
Ink Tab
Input Box
Input Validating
Inquire Add-in
Insert a date that updates
Insert a static date
Insert a static time
Insert a stock quote
Insert a time that updates
Insert Cells
Insert Columns
Insert Comments
Insert Current Date
Insert Current Date and Time
Insert Current Time
Insert From File
Insert Function Dialog Box
Insert Mode
Insert Name Define
Insert Object
Insert Options Smart Tag
Insert Rows
Insert Slicer
Insert Stock Quote
Insert SVG Images
Insert Symbol
Insert Tab
Inserting Active Worksheet Name
Inserting Bullets
Inserting Cells
Inserting Charts
Inserting Columns
Inserting Comments
Inserting Dates
Inserting Drop-Down
Inserting Euro Symbol
Inserting Filenames
Inserting Leading Zeros
Inserting Lines
Inserting Lists
Inserting Objects
Inserting Page Breaks
Inserting PDF
Inserting Pictures
Inserting Pictures - Headers and Footers
Inserting Rows
Inserting Screenshots
Inserting Sheets - Charts
Inserting Sheets - Worksheets
Inserting Stock Quotes
Inserting Subtotals
Inserting Sum Functions
Inserting Symbols
Inserting Tables
Inserting Tabs
Inserting Worksheet Name
Inserting Worksheets
Inside Borders
Insights Task Pane
Installing an Add-in
INSTR - User Defined Function
INSTRREV - User Defined Function
INT - Built-in Function
Interactive Command Reference
Interactive View
Interactive Web Pages
INTERCEPT - Built-in Function
Interest - Accrued
Interest - Compounded
Interest - Percentage
Interest Rates
Internal Rate of Return
International Tab
Internet Assistant VBA
Internet Assistant Wizard
Interpolated - Charts
Intersection of Cells
INTRATE - Built-in Function
Invalid Reference
Inverse - Matix
INVERSE - User Defined Function
Inverse COS
Inverse Lognormal
Inverse SIN
Inverse TAN
Invert If Negative
Invert Selection
Investment Calculations
Investment Functions
Invisible Apostrophe
IPMT - Built-in Function
Iqy File Extension
IRM (Information Rights Management)
IRR - Built-in Function
Is Not Blank - Formula
ISBLANK - Built-in Function
ISBOLD - User Defined Function
ISDATE - User Defined Function
ISERR - Built-in Function
ISERROR - Built-in Function
ISEVEN - Built-in Function
ISFORMULA - Built-in Function
ISINTEGER - User Defined Function
ISITALIC - User Defined Function
ISLIKE - User Defined Function
ISLOCKED - User Defined Function
ISLOGICAL - Built-in Function
ISLOWER - User Defined Function
ISMERGED - User Defined Function
ISNA - Built-in Function
ISNONTEXT - Built-in Function
ISNUMBER - Built-in Function
ISO Week Numbers
ISO.CEILING - Built-in Function
ISODD - Built-in Function
ISOWEEKNUM - Built-in Function
ISPMT - Built-in Function
ISPRIME - User Defined Function
ISPROPER - User Defined Function
ISREF - Built-in Function
ISTEXT - Built-in Function
ISUNDERLINE - User Defined Function
ISUPPER - User Defined Function
ISWRAPPED - User Defined Function
Item Labels - Pivot Tables
Iteration Option
Iterative Calculation
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