IFS(logical_text1, value_if_true1 [,logical_text2, value_if_true2] [..])

Returns the value based on multiple True or False conditions.

logical_text1Condition that evaluates to True or False.
value_if_true1Result if the logical value evaluates to True.
logical_text2Condition that evaluates to True or False.
value_if_true2Result if the logical value evaluates to True.


* Added in Excel 2019.
* For an illustrated example refer to the page under Advanced Functions.
* To specify a default result add a condition that will always be true as your last condition.
* If you have not provided a corresponding value for each logical test then the following message is displayed: you have entered too few arguments for this function.
* If a logical test does not evaluate to either True or False, then #VALUE! is returned.
* If no conditions are found, then #N/A! is returned.
* If the function is not available, then #NAME? is returned.
* You can use the IF function to return a value based on one condition.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to support.office.com

1=IFS(B1=10,C1,B2=20,C2) = #N/A9
2=IFS(B1=15,C1,B2=20,C2) = #N/A14
3=IFS(B1>10,"false",TRUE,"something else") = something else41
5=IFS(B1*"some text","not logical") = #VALUE!two
6=IFS(B1>10,"B1",B2>20,"B2",B3<30,"B3") = #N/A 

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