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D Functions
DAO (Data Access Objects)
Dashboards - SAP
Data Analysis
Data Analysis - Analysis ToolPak
Data Analysis - Data Tables
Data Analysis - Forecast Sheet
Data Analysis - Goal Seek
Data Analysis - Pivot Tables
Data Analysis - Power Query
Data Analysis - Questions
Data Analysis - Quick Analysis
Data Analysis - Scenario Manager
Data Analysis - Solver Add-in
Data Array
Data AutoFilter
Data Bars
Data Classification
Data Connection Wizard
Data Connections
Data Consolidation
Data Cubes
Data Distributions*
Data Entry Form
Data Entry Only
Data Entry Validation
Data Filter
Data Form
Data Functions
Data Integrity
Data Labels - Charts
Data Lists
Data Map
Data Points - Charts
Data Preview Window
Data Query
Data Selector Task Pane
Data Series - Charts
Data Sort
Data Sorting
Data Source
Data Sources - Refreshing
Data Subtotals
Data Tab
Data Table - One Variable
Data Table - Two Variables
Data Tables
Data Tables - Charts
Data Tools
Data Types - Chemistry
Data Types - Currencies
Data Types - Custom
Data Types - Foods
Data Types - Geography
Data Types - Organization
Data Types - Stocks
Data Update
Data Validation
Data Validation - Dragging
Data Validation - Drop Down Lists
Data Validation - Examples
Data Validation - Prevent Duplicates
Data Validation - Questions
Database - Creating
Database - Table Query
Database Function Criteria
Database Functions
Database Range
DATE - Built-in Function
DATE - Illustrated Example
Date and Time Functions
Date and Time Picker
Date Automatically
Date Calculations
Date Converted to Weeks
Date Current
Date Differences
Date Filters
Date Formats
Date Functions
Date into Numbers
Date Picker
Date Series - Charts
Date Systems - 1900
Date Systems - 1904
Date Time Difference
Date Values
DATEDIF - Built-in Function
DATEDIF - Illustrated Example
DATEDIFFERENCE - Custom Function
DATEDIFFERENCE - User Defined Function
DATEDIFFERENCE_D - User Defined Function
DATEDIFFERENCE_M - User Defined Function
DATEDIFFERENCE_MD - User Defined Function
DATEDIFFERENCE_Y - User Defined Function
DATEDIFFERENCE_YD - User Defined Function
DATEDIFFERENCE_YM - User Defined Function
DATEFIRST - User Defined Function
DATELAST - User Defined Function
Dates - Conditional Formatting
Dates - Converting
Dates - Formatting
Dates - Formulas
Dates - Questions
Dates - Serial Numbers
Dates - Validation
Dates & Times
Dates & Times - Questions
DATESBEFORE1900 - User Defined Function
DATESERIAL - Custom Function
DATESTRING - Built-in Function (compatibility)
DateTime Picker Control
DATEVALUE - Built-in Function
DATEWHICHDAY - User Defined Function
DAVERAGE - Built-in Function
DAX (Data Analysis Expression)
DAY - Built-in Function
Day Number of Year
Day of the Week
DAYS - Built-in Function
Days in a Month
Days in a Particular Month
DAYS360 - Built-in Function
DAYSINAMONTH - Custom Function
DAYSINAYEAR - Custom Function
DAYSTO - Custom Function
DB - Built-in Function
DBCS - Built-in Function
DCOUNT - Built-in Function
DCOUNTA - Built-in Function
DDB - Built-in Function
DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange)
DDE Server
Deactivate Event - Excel 5.0
Debugging Formulas
DEC2BIN - Built-in Function
DEC2HEX - Built-in Function
DEC2OCT - Built-in Function
DECIMAL - Built-in Function
Decimal Number Format
Decimal Places
Decimal Point to Comma
Decimal Separator
Decision Variables
Declining Balance
Deconstructing Objects
Decrease Decimals
Decrease Font Size
Decrease Indents
Default Blank Workbook
Default Cell Format
Default Colour
Default Direction
Default File Location
Default Folder Locations
Default Font
Default Number Alignment
Default Number Format
Default Paste
Default Style
Default Template
Default Text Alignment
Default Theme
Default Values
Default Workbook Template
Default Worksheet Template
Define Cell
Define Name
Define Names - Named Ranges
Define Print Area
Defined Name
Degree Signs
DEGREES - Built-in Function
Delete All Formatting
Delete Blank Rows
Delete Cells
Delete Columns
Delete Empty Cells
Delete Files
Delete From List - Add-in Prompt
Delete Links Add-in
Delete Links Wizard
Delete Rows
Delete Sheets
Delete the First Character
Delete to Last Cell
Delete Unused Cell Styles
Delete Unused Number Formats
Deleting Blank Cells
Deleting Blank Rows
Deleting Cell Styles
Deleting Cells
Deleting Coloured Text
Deleting Columns
Deleting Columns - Visible
Deleting Comments
Deleting Custom Styles
Deleting Duplicate Cells
Deleting Duplicate Rows
Deleting Duplicates
Deleting Empty Cells
Deleting Empty Columns
Deleting Empty Rows
Deleting Hidden Rows
Deleting Hyperlinks
Deleting Links
Deleting Lists
Deleting Macros
Deleting Named Ranges
Deleting Number Formats
Deleting Objects
Deleting Page Breaks
Deleting Repeated Numbers
Deleting Rows
Deleting Rows - Visible
Deleting Sheets
Deleting Styles
Deleting Totals
Deleting Unused Custom Styles
Deleting Unused Number Formats
Deleting Unused Styles
Deleting Visible Columns
Deleting Visible Rows
Deleting Worksheets
Delimiting Text
DELTA - Built-in Function
Dependency Tree
Dependent Arrows
Dependent Cells
Dependent Drop-Down Lists
Dependent Links
Dependent Workbooks
Dependents - All
Dependents - Direct
Depreciated Functions
Depreciation Functions*
Depth Chart
Descending Order
Descriptive Statistics
DeSelect Cells
Design Mode
Design Tab - Equation Tools
Design Tab - Header & Footer Tools
Design Tab - PivotChart Tools
Design Tab - PivotTable Tools
Design Tab - Slicer Tools
Design Tab - SmartArt Tools
Design Tab - Sparkline Tools
Design Tab - Table Tools
Detect and Repair
Detect Errors in Formulas
Developer Tab
DEVSQ - Built-in Function
DGET - Built-in Function
Diagnostic Settings
Diagnostics Task Pane
Diagonal Lines
Diagram Layouts
Diagrams - Cycle
Diagrams - Organization Chart
Diagrams - Radial
Diagrams - Stem and Leaf
Diagrams - Target
Diagrams - Venn
Dialog Boxes
Dialog Launcher
Dictionary Language
Difference between Dates
Different First Page
Different Types of Errors - Formulas
Digital Signatures
Digitally Signed Workbook
Direct Formatting
Direct Formatting Changes
Disable Events
DisableCopyUnusedCustomStyles - Registry Key
Disabled Items
DisableMergeInstance - Registry Key
Disablying Commands
DISC - Built-in Function
Discard Editing Data
Discount Rate
Discounting Formulas
Discrete Distributions*
Display 0 as Blank
Display 2 Workbooks at the same time
Display 2 Worksheets at the same time
Display Current Date
Display Current Date and Time
Display Current Time
Display Dates as Quarter
Display Formula
Display Formula instead of Values
Display Leading Zero
Display Negative Values in Brackets
Display Number in Thousands
Display Options - Workbook
Display Options - Worksheet
Display Tabs
Display Zero Values
Displaying Cell Formulas
Displaying Formulas
Displaying Formulas in Cells
Displaying the Watch Window
Displaying Totals
Displaying Worksheets
Displaying Zero Values
Distinct Values
Distribute Horizontally
Distribute Vertically
Distributed Indent
Distribution Functions*
Divide Name
Dividing Numbers
Division by Zero
DLX - Haver Add-in
DMAX - Built-in Function
DMIN - Built-in Function
Do Not Compress Images
Do Not Distribute
Do While - VBA
Document Cache
Document Information Panel
Document Inspector
Document Inspector - Cached Data
Document Location
Document Management Server
Document Management Task Pane
Document Packages
Document Panel
Document Properties
Document Properties - Custom
Document Recovery
Document Recovery Task Pane
Document Updates Task Pane
Document Variables
Document Version
Document Window
Document Workspace
Does Not Contain
DoEvents - VBA
DOLLAR - Built-in Function
Dollar Text
DOLLARDE - Built-in Function
DOLLARFR - Built-in Function
Dolphin Office Assistant
Don't Allow Blanks
Don't Allow Duplicates
Don't Allow Empty Cells
Don't Allow Formula Changes
Don't Count Duplicates
Don't Move or Size With Cells - Charts
Don't Move or Size With Cells - Shapes
Don't Show Formula In Edit Box
Don't Show the Backstage
Donut Charts
Dot Plot Chart
Dotted Lines - Page Breaks
Double Byte Characters
Double Click Event
Double Minus Operator
Double Negative (--)
Double Quotation Marks
Double Unary
Double Unary - SUMPRODUCT
Double Unary (--)
Doughnut Charts
Download *.xlam
DPRODUCT - Built-in Function
Draft Quality
Drag and Drop Cells
Drag and Paste
Drag Conditional Formatting
Drag Data Validation
Drag Formulas
Drag Numbering
Dragging Cells
Dragging Cells - Left Mouse Button
Dragging Cells - Right Mouse Button
Dragging Conditional Formatting
Dragging Data Validation
Dragging Formulas
Draw Tab
Drawing Objects
Drawing Tools - Format
Drill Indicators
DROP - Built-in Function
Drop Down Boxes
Drop Down List
Drop Down Menu
Drop Lines - Charts
Drop Shadow
Drop-Down List
Drop-Down List Box - Data Validation
Drop-Down List Box - VBA Control
Drop-Down List Box (Dependent)
Drop-Down Menus
DSTDEV - Built-in Function
DSTDEVP - Built-in Function
DSUM - Built-in Function
Duplicate Cells - Deleting
Duplicate Cells - Finding
Duplicate Formula
Duplicate Values
Duplicate Values - Conditional Formatting
Duplicate Values - Highlight
Duplicate Values - Identify
Duplicate Values - Remove
DUPLICATECELLS - Custom Function
Duplicates - Conditional Formatting
Duplicates - Highlight
Duplicates - Identify
Duplicates - Remove
Duplicating Data Across Worksheets
DURATION - Built-in Function
DVAR - Built-in Function
DVARP - Built-in Function
dxf File Extension
Dynamic Array Formulas
Dynamic Array Functions
Dynamic Arrays
Dynamic Calendar Grid
Dynamic Cell References
Dynamic Chart Source Data
Dynamic Chart Titles
Dynamic Charts
Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)
Dynamic Drop-Down Lists
Dynamic Filter
Dynamic Formulas
Dynamic Headers
Dynamic Lists
Dynamic Lookups
Dynamic Menu - Ribbon
Dynamic Named Ranges
Dynamic Numbering
Dynamic Ranges
Dynamic References
Dynamic Row Numbering
Dynamic Source Data
Dynamic Tables
Dynamic Titles
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