Returns the date serial number given a date in text format.

date_textThe text string that represents the date.


* If "date_text" contains any time information, it is ignored.
* If "date_text" is not a valid date, then #VALUE! is returned.
* If "date_text" is a cell reference, the value in the cell must be text.
* If the year portion of "date_text" is left blank, the current year is used.
* Acceptable date forms will vary from system to system and will also depend on the users settings.
* Most functions will automatically convert date strings to serial numbers.
* The date format can be any of those found on the "Format Cells" dialog box.
* You can use the DATE function to return the date serial number given a year, month, day.
* You can use the EDATE function to return a certain number of months before or after a date.
* You can use the TEXT function to return a number as a formatted text string.
* You can use the TIMEVALUE function to return the time as a decimal given a time in text format.
* You can use the TODAY function to return the serial number of the current system date.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to

1=DATEVALUE(B1) = 4401301 July 2020
2=DATEVALUE("22-AUG-2020") = 44065 
3=DATEVALUE("22 August 20") = 44065 
4=DATEVALUE("2002/02/23") = 37310 
5=DATEVALUE("1-JUL") = 44013 
6=DATEVALUE("1 Jul 2019") = 43647 
7=DATEVALUE(TEXT(TODAY(),"dd/mm/yy")) = 43838 
8=DATEVALUE("8/22/1998") = #VALUE! 

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