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S&P Add-in - Capital IQ
S&P Add-in - MI Office
S&P Capital IQ Add-in
S&P Global - Standard and Poor's
S&P Market Intelligence Add-in
Safe Mode
Sample Files
Sample Mean
Sample Population
Sample T-Test - Equal Variances
Sample T-Test - Paired
Sample T-Test - Unequal Variances
SAMPLEDATA - Custom Function
SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office
Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Save And Replace
Save As Dialog Box
Save As HTML
Save As JPG
Save As PDF Add-in
Save As Shared Document
Save As Web Page
Save External Link Values
Save My Settings Wizard
Save Preview Picture
Save Scenario
Save Tab
Save To Cloud
Save Workspace
Saved By
Saving as CSV
Saving as HTML
Saving as Web Page
Saving as Web Page - Interactive
Saving as XML
Saving Charts as Pictures
Saving Macros
Saving Macros - Personal.xlsb
Saving Range As Bitmap
Saving Templates
Saving Workbooks
Saving Workbooks - Calculation
Saving Workspaces
Scalable Vector Graphic (svg)
Scale Break - Charts
Scale of Measurements
Scale to Fit - Ribbon
SCAN - Built-in Function
Scatter Charts
Scenario Analysis
Scenario Manager
Scenario Pivot Table Report
Scenario Summary Reports
Scientific Number Format
SCRAMBLE - Custom Function
SCRAMBLE - User Defined Function
Screen Clipping
Screen Shots
Screen Tips
Screenshots - Camera
ScreenUpdating - VBA
Script Lab*
Script Lab Add-in*
Script Recorder - Office Scripts*
Scroll Area
Scroll Area - Defining
Scroll Bars
Scroll Down
Scroll Left
Scroll Lock
Scroll Lock Mode
Scroll Right
Scroll to End of Text
Scroll to First Tab
Scroll to Last Tab
Scroll to Next Tab
Scroll to Previous Tab
Scroll Up
Scrolling Worksheets
SEARCH - Built-in Function
Search Box
Search Functions
Search Multiple Items
Search Results Task Pane
Search Text
Search Workbook
Search Worksheet
Searching - Cells
Searching - Duplicates
Searching - Files
Searching - Formatted Text
Searching - Formulas
Searching - Text
Searching - Workbooks
Searching - Worksheets
Searching Functions - FIND
Searching Functions - SEARCH
SEC - Built-in Function
SECH - Built-in Function
SECOND - Built-in Function
Second Y-Axis
Secondary Axis - Charts
Security - Macro
Security Alerts
Security Alerts - External Links
Security Alerts - Trusted Document
Security Alerts - Workbook Links
Security Options
Security Settings - ActiveX
Security Settings - Data Connections
Security Settings - Document Inspector
Security Settings - Macro
Security Settings - Message Bar
Security Settings - Workbook Links
Security Tab
Security Warnings
Security Warnings - External Links
Security Warnings - Workbook Links
Select All Cells
Select All Sheets
Select Mode
Select Non Adjacent Cells
Select Objects
Select Range With Last Used Row
Select Table Column
Select Table Row
Select Visible Cells
Selecting Blank Cells
Selecting Cells
Selecting Cells - Current Region
Selecting Cells - Non Adjacent Cells
Selecting Cells - Non Adjacent Columns
Selecting Cells - Non Adjacent Rows
Selecting Cells - Noncontiguous
Selecting Cells - With Formulas
Selecting Columns
Selecting Current Range
Selecting Drawing Objects
Selecting Multiple Columns
Selecting Multiple Objects
Selecting Multiple Rows
Selecting Objects
Selecting Rows
Selecting Sheets
Selecting Tables
Selecting Unprotected Cells
Selecting Used Range
Selecting Visible Cells
Selecting Worksheets
Selection and Visibility Task Pane
Selection Autofit
Selection List
Selection Mode
Selection Task Pane
SELECTONE - User Defined Function
Self Expanding Charts
Send Backward
Send To Back
Send To Mail
Sending an E-mail
Sending Worksheet by Email
Sensitivity Labels
Sensitivity Tables
Separate Windows
Separating First Last Name
Separating Lists
SEQUENCE - Built-in Function
Sequential Dates
Sequential Numbering
Serial Dates
Serial Numbers
Serial Numbers - Dates
Serial Values - Dates
Series - Charts
Series - Fill
Series Formula - Charts
Series Order - Charts
SERIESSUM - Built-in Function
Server Application Error
Server Drafts Locations
Service Options
Service Options Dialog Box
Set Dependants
Set Multiple Variables
Set Precision As Displayed
Set Print Area
Settings - Add-ins
Settings - Formulas
Settings - General
Settings - Language
Settings - Proofing
Shading Alternate Columns
Shading Alternate Rows
Shading Cells
Shading Entire Row
Share a Workbook
Share Task Pane
Shared Workbooks - Merging
Shared Workspace Task Pane
SharePoint - Local Drafts Folder
SharePoint Document Library
SharePoint Drafts Folder
Sharing a List
Sharing a Table
Sharing Data Between Worksheets
Sharing Lists
Sharing Tables
Sharing Workbooks
Sharing Workbooks - Merging
Sharing Workbooks - OneDrive
Sharing Workbooks - SharePoint
SHEET - Built-in Function
Sheet Backgrounds
Sheet Comparison
Sheet Names
Sheet Numbering
Sheet Numbers
Sheet Selector
Sheet Tab Colours
Sheet Tabs
Sheet View
SHEET.xlt Template
SHEET.xltx Template
SHEETOFFSET - User Defined Function
SHEETS - Built-in Function
Sheets - Chart
Sheets - Worksheet
Shift + F10 - Shortcut Menu
Shift + F11 - New Worksheet
Shift + F12 - Save As
Shift + F2 - Cell Comment
Shift + F3 - Insert Function
Shift + F4 - Find Next
Shift + F5 - Find And Replace
Shift + F6 - Move To Previous
Shift + F7 - Thesaurus
Shift + F8 - Toggle Add Mode
Shift + F9 - Calculate Active Worksheet
Shift Cells Down
Shift Cells to Right
Shift Key Magic
Shift Key when Opening Workbook
Shifting Cells
Shortcut Keys
Shortcut Keys - Alt + Tab
Shortcut Keys - Cells
Shortcut Keys - Columns
Shortcut Keys - Ctrl + Fn
Shortcut Keys - Ctrl + Letters
Shortcut Keys - Ctrl + Nos
Shortcut Keys - Ctrl + Tab
Shortcut Keys - Dates
Shortcut Keys - Editing
Shortcut Keys - Entering
Shortcut Keys - Extending
Shortcut Keys - Fn
Shortcut Keys - Formatting
Shortcut Keys - Formulas
Shortcut Keys - Last Used Cell
Shortcut Keys - Manoeuvring
Shortcut Keys - Other + Fn
Shortcut Keys - Ranges
Shortcut Keys - Ribbon
Shortcut Keys - Rows
Shortcut Keys - Selecting
Shortcut Keys - Shift + Fn
Shortcut Keys - Times
Shortcut Keys - Workbooks
Shortcut Keys - Worksheets
Shortcut Menus
Shortcut Menus - Cell
Shortcut Menus - Chart
Shortcut Menus - Table
Shortcut Menus - Worksheets
Shortcut to Close
Show 2 Workbooks at the same time
Show 2 Worksheets at the same time
Show Add-in User Interface Errors
Show all Windows in Task Bar
Show Cell Values
Show Chart Data Point Values
Show Chart Element Names
Show Column Row Headers
Show Comments
Show Comments Indicator
Show Data Form
Show Dependents
Show Display Units Label on Chart
Show Figures in Brackets
Show Formula Bar
Show Formulas
Show Function ScreenTips
Show Gridlines
Show Horizontal Scroll Bar
Show Ink
Show Insert Options Button
Show Lines
Show Mini Toolbar on Selection
Show Outline Symbols
Show Page Breaks
Show Paste Options Button
Show Precedents
Show Quick Analysis Options on Selection
Show R1C1
Show Recent Folders
Show Recent Workbooks
Show Row Column Headers
Show Ruler
Show Sheet Right to Left
Show Sheet Tabs
Show Tabs - Ribbon
Show Tabs and Commands - Ribbon
Show Task Pane
Show The Start Screen
Show Values As - Pivot Tables
Show Vertical Scroll Bar
Show Zero In Cells
Showing Columns
Showing Formulas
Showing Named Ranges
Showing R1C1
Showing Rows
Showing Windows
Showing Worksheets
Shrink Columns
Shrink Rows
Shrink to Fit
Shrink to Fit - Text Boxes
Shrink to Fit - Wrap Text
Shrink to Fit Option
Shuffle Random Numbers
Side by Side
Sideload Add-in
SIGN - Built-in Function
Signatures - Digital
Significance Test
Significant Figures
Simple Variance*
Simplify Long Formulas
Simultaneous Equations*
Simultaneous Equations - Matrices
Simultaneous Equations - Solver
SIN - Built-in Function
SINGLE - Built-in Function
Single Cell Array Formulas
Single Cell Formula
Single Column Sorting
Single Column to Multiple Column
Single Factor - Anova
Single Variable Data Table
SINH - Built-in Function
Size and Properties
Size with Window - Charts
SKEW - Built-in Function
SKEW.P - Built-in Function
Skip Blanks
Skipping Rows
Slicer Design Tab - Pivot Tables
Slicer Design Tab - Tables
Slicer Options Tab - Pivot Tables
Slicer Options Tab - Tables
Slicer Settings - Pivot Tables
Slicer Settings - Tables
Slicers - Pivot Tables
Slicers - Tables
Slicing Data - Pivot Tables
Slicing Data - Tables
SLN - Built-in Function
SLOPE - Built-in Function
SMALL - Built-in Function
Smallest Number in Range
Smallest Value
Smart Art
Smart Lookup Task Pane
Smart Tag - Apply Formatting Rule
Smart Tag - Green Triangle
Smart Tag - Trace Error
Smart Tag Recognizers
Smart Tags
Smart Tags - Auto Fill Options
Smart Tags - AutoCorrect Options
Smart Tags - Error Checking
Smart Tags - Flash Fill
Smart Tags - Insert Options
Smart Tags - Paste Options
Smart Tags - Quick Analysis
Smart Toolbar
SmartArt - Cycle
SmartArt - Hierarchy
SmartArt - List
SmartArt - Matrix
SmartArt - Process
SmartArt - Pyramid
SmartArt - Relationship
SmartArt Graphics
SmartArt Tools - Design
SmartArt Tools - Format
SME (Subject Matter Expert)
Snap To Grid
Snap To Shape
Solve Cubic Equation
Solve Quadratic Equation
Solve Simultaneous Equation
Solver Add-in
Solver VBA Functions
Solving Cubic Equation
Solving Quadratic Equations
Solving Simultaneous Equations
SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)
SORT - Built-in Function
Sort by Colour
SORTBY - Built-in Function
Sorting 4 Columns
Sorting By Colour
Sorting By Conditional Formatting
Sorting By Custom Sort
Sorting Cells
Sorting Columns
Sorting Data
Sorting Dates
Sorting Lists
Sorting Merged Cells
Sorting Multiple Columns
Sorting Rows
Sorting Single Columns
Source Data - Chart
Space - Explicit Intersection
Space Around Edge of Paper
Sparklines - Tools Design Tab
Sparklines - Trend Charts
Sparkling Text
Special Characters - ASCII
Special Dialog Box - GoTo
Special Number Format
Special Numbers
Special Paste
SpecialCells - VBA
Specifying Database Criteria
Spell Numbers
Spelling Mistakes - Common
Spelling Tab
SPELLNUMBER - Custom Function
SPELLNUMBER - User Defined Function
Spill Range
Spill Range References
Spilled Array Formulas
Spilling - Dynamic Arrays
Spilling Arrays
Spin Button - Worksheet
Spinners - Worksheet
Split Cell Diagonal
Split Cell with Space
Split Name into Last and First
Split Page
Split Pane
Split Screen
Split Window
Splitting Cells
Splitting Columns
Splitting Data
Splitting First and Last Name
Splitting First Name From Full Name
Splitting into Panes
Splitting Panes
Splitting Screens
Splitting Text
Splitting Worksheets
Spreadsheet Compare 2013
Spreadsheet Inquire Add-in
Spreadsheet Solutions Tab
Spreadsheet Solutions Templates
Spreadsheet Viewer
SQL (Structured Query Language)
SQL.REQUEST - Built-in Function
SQRT - Built-in Function
SQRTPI - Built-in Function
Square Root
Squared Error
Stacked Bar Charts
Stacked Column Charts
Standard Deviation*
Standard Error*
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
Standard Toolbar
STANDARDIZE - Built-in Function
Stars and Banners Toolbar
Start Screen
Start Screen vs Blank Workbook
Startup - Excel15.xlb
Startup - Personal.xlsb
Startup Folder
Startup Switches
Static Numbering
Statistical Functions
Status Bar
Status Bar - Average
Status Bar - Calculate
Status Bar - Count
Status Bar - Customize
Status Bar - End Mode
Status Bar - Overtype Mode
Status Bar - Selection Mode
Status Bar - Sum
Status Bar - Totals
STDEV - Built-in Function
STDEV.P - Built-in Function
STDEV.S - Built-in Function
STDEVA - Built-in Function
STDEVP - Built-in Function
STDEVPA - Built-in Function
Stem and Leaf
Stem and Leaf Diagrams
Stemplot Chart
Stemplot Diagram
Stepped Charts
STEYX - Built-in Function
Stock Analysis
Stock Charts
Stock Connector
Stock Forecast
Stock Market Data
Stock Price Import
Stock Quotes - LSEG
STOCKHISTORY - Built-in Function
Stocks Linked Data Type
Stop Automatic Formats
Stop Calculating
Stop Recording Toolbar
String Concatenation
String Functions
String Matching
String Value
STRINGTOLONG - User Defined Function
STRINGTOROMAN - User Defined Function
Striped Right Arrow
Structured References
Structured References - Turn Off
Structured Table Reference
Student T-Distribution*
Student T-Test*
Styles - Cell
Styles - Changing
Styles - Comma
Styles - Creating
Styles - Currency
Styles - Deleting
Styles - Merging
Styles - Modifying
Styles - Normal
Styles - Percent
Styles - Tables
Styles - Too Many Formats
SUBSTITUTE - Built-in Function
SUBTOTAL - Built-in Function
SUBTOTAL - Hidden Rows
SUBTOTAL - Illustrated Example
SUBTOTAL - Nesting
Subtotal Calculations
SUBTOTAL Function - Hidden Rows
SUBTOTAL Function - Illustrated Example
SUBTOTAL Function - Nesting
Subtotals - Automatic
Subtotals - Outlines
Subtract Business Days from a Date
Subtract Days from Date Excluding Weekends
Subtract Days from Date Including Weekends
Subtract Hours from Date
Subtract Hours from Time
Subtract Minutes from Date
Subtract Minutes from Time
Subtract Numbers
Subtract Seconds from Time
Subtract Weeks from Date
Subtract Years from Date
Subtracting Business Days
Subtracting Dates
Subtracting Dates Before 1900
Subtracting Days
Subtracting Integers
Subtracting Months
Subtracting Months
Subtracting Numbers
Subtracting Percentages
Subtracting Time
Subtracting Years
SUM - Built-in Function
Sum Above
Sum by Color
Sum by Words
Sum Columns
Sum Functions
Sum Left
Sum Multiple Forecasts
Sum Non Numeric
Sum Numbers Formatted As Text
Sum of Amount - Pivot Tables
Sum of Powers
Sum of Selection
Sum Only Visible Cells
Sum Right
Sum Rows
Sum the Last n Numbers
Sum Total
Sum Visible Cells
Sum with #DIV/0!
Sum within Range
SUM(IF( - Conditional Sum Wizard
SUMBETWEEN - User Defined Function
SUMDIGITS - User Defined Function
SUMFORMAT - Custom Function
SUMFORMAT - User Defined Function
SUMIF - Built-in Function
SUMIFS - Built-in Function
SUMIFS - Illustrated Example
Summarising Data
Summarize Values By - Pivot Tables
Summary columns to right of detail
Summary Worksheet
Summing Cells
Summing Every 2nd Item
Summing Functions
Summing Multiple Forecasts
Summing Numbers
Summing Unique Values
Summing Visible Cells
Summing with AutoSum
Summing with Multiple Conditions
SUMPRODUCT - Built-in Function
SUMPRODUCT - Illustrated Example
SUMPRODUCT for Counting
SUMPRODUCT for Summing
SUMSQ - Built-in Function
SUMVISIBLE - Custom Function
SUMVISIBLE - User Defined Function
SUMVISIBLEIFS - Custom Function
SUMVISIBLEIFS - User Defined Function
SUMX2MY2 - Built-in Function
SUMX2PY2 - Built-in Function
SUMXMY2 - Built-in Function
Sunburst Chart Type
Suppress #DIV/0!
Suppress Zeros
Surface Charts
SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
SWITCH - Built-in Function
Switch Row Column - Charts
Switches - Add-in Registration
Switches - Startup
SYD - Built-in Function
Symbolic Link Format
Synchronise Scrolling
Synchronise Sheets
Syntax - Formulas
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