Returns the cell contents with all the characters in a random order.

'sCellContents - The number or text you want to scramble.

Public Function SCRAMBLE(sCellContents As String) As String
Dim itextlength As Integer
Dim ichar As Integer
Dim irandomposition As Integer
Dim scharacter As String * 1

    itextlength = Len(sCellContents)
    For ichar = 1 To itextlength
        scharacter = VBA.Mid(sCellContents, ichar, 1)
        irandomposition = VBA.Int((itextlength - 1 + 1) * VBA.Rnd + 1)
        Mid(sCellContents, ichar, 1) = VBA.Mid(sCellContents, irandomposition, 1)
        Mid(sCellContents, irandomposition, 1) = scharacter
    Next ichar
    SCRAMBLE = sCellContents

End Function

You can use the RANDOMNUMBER function to return a random number between two bounds.
This user defined function is called "RANDOM" in the ASAP add-in.

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