STANDARDIZE(x, mean, standard_dev)

Returns the normalized value from a distributed characterised by a mean and a standard deviation.

xThe value you want to normalize.
meanThe arithmetic mean of the distribution.
standard_devThe standard deviation of the distribution.

* If "standard_dev" = 0, then #NUM! is returned.
* If any of the arguments are not numeric, then #VALUE! is returned.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to
* For the Google documentation refer to

1=STANDARDIZE(42,40,1.5) = 1.333
2=STANDARDIZE(42,50,1.5) = -5.333
3=STANDARDIZE(42,42,1.5) = 0
4=STANDARDIZE(42,40,2) = 1
5=STANDARDIZE("some text", 40,2) = #VALUE!

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