Provide feedback with sound - Plays available sounds that are associated with Microsoft Office program events, such as opening, saving, and printing files, and displaying error messages. Sounds that are assigned to different events can be changed in the Sounds Properties dialog box in Windows Control Panel. If you select or clear the Provide feedback with sound check box in one Office program, it is also turned on or off for all other Office programs. To change the sound that is associated with an event, open the Sounds folder in Windows Control Panel. Your computer must have a sound card to play most sounds.
Provide feedback with animation - (Removed in 2013) Displays worksheet movement and changes when you insert or delete cells, rows, or columns. Animation may slow video performance on some systems.
Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) - Prevents the exchange of data with other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).
Ask to update automatic links - Displays a message that lets you confirm before linked items are updated.
Show add-in user interface errors - Displays errors in the user-interface of add-ins that you install and use.
Scale content for A4 or 8.5 x 11" paper sizes - For some countries or regions, the standard paper size is Letter; for others, the standard size is A4. Select this check box if you want Excel to automatically adjust documents formatted for the standard paper size of another country or region (for example, A4) so that they print correctly on the standard paper size for your country or region (for example, Letter). This option affects the printout only. It does not affect the formatting in your document.
Show customer submitted content - (Removed in 2013) (Added in 2010).
At startup, open all files in - At startup, Excel automatically opens files from the folder that you type in this text box. Type the full path to the folder in the text box to indicate the location of the files. Unfortunately there is no folder browse button so you have to copy and paste the folder path.
Web Options - Sets options for how Excel data looks and responds when the data is viewed in a Web browser.
Enable multi-threaded processing - This controls all multi-threaded operations (except calculation). This includes sorting, row height calculations and finding the best fit for column widths. This option is not available in the object model. Selected by default but you need to have a multi-threaded processor.
Disable undo for large PivotTable refresh operations to reduce refresh time - (Moved in 2013) (Added in 2010).This has moved to a new dedicated Data group below.
Disable undo for PivotTables with at least this number of data source rows (in thousands) - (Moved in 2013) (Added in 2010). This has moved to a new dedicated Data group below.
Service Options - (Removed in 2013) Lets you specify customer feedback and document management options.
Create lists for use in sorts and fill sequences - (Moved in 2010). Displays the Custom Lists dialog box.

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