AutoCorrect options

Change how Excel corrects and formats text as you type - Lets you select the options that are used to correct text automatically as you type, or to store and reuse text and other items that you use frequently. Click AutoCorrect Options, and then select the options that you want.

When correcting spelling in Office programs

Ignore words in UPPERCASE - Ignores words in UPPERCASE letters during a spelling check.
Ignore words that contain numbers - Ignores words that contain numbers during a spelling check.
Ignore Internet and file addresses - Select this check box if you want Microsoft Office Word to automatically ignore Internet addresses, file names, and e-mail addresses during a spelling check. For example, select this check box to ignore during a spelling check. Not to be confused with the "Internet and Network Paths with Hyperlinks" option on the "AutoFormat as you type" ??
Flag repeated words - Identifies and marks words that are repeated during a spelling check.
Enforce accented uppercase in French - For French text, displays accented uppercase letters.
Suggest from main dictionary only - Uses only the main dictionary for any recommended changes.
Custom Dictionaries - Click this button to select the dictionary that you want to use when you check the spelling in documents.
French modes - Sets spelling rules for French words. In the French modes list box, select the option that you want.
Spanish modes - (Added in 2010).
Dictionary language - Allows you to specify the dictionary language that you want to use.

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