2016OFFICE THEME - BLACK ADDED. The black office theme provides the highest visual contrast. For more information, refer to Office Theme
 Show Quick Analysis options on Selection - Added
 Always use cleartype - Removed
 Color Scheme - Moved and renamed to Office Theme
 Always use these values regardless of sign into Office - Added
 Choose the extensions you want Excel to open by default - Added
 Tell me if Microsoft Excel isn't the default program for viewing and editing spreadsheets - Added
 Show the start screen when this application starts - Added
 Don't show the Backstage when opening or Saving files - Added
 Show additional places for saving, even if sign in may be required - Added
 Save to computer by default - Added
 Default personal templates location - Added
 Let me know when I should download additional proofing tools - Added
 Automatically Flash Fill - Added
 Do not automatically hyperlink screenshot - Added
 Properties follow chart data point for all new workbooks - Added
 Current Workbook - Added
 Properties follow chart data point for current workbook - Added
 Show all windows in the taskbar - Removed
 Provide feedback with animation - Removed
 Show customer submitted Office.com content - Removed
2007New dialog box to replace the old (Tools > Options) dialog box - resizable and consolidated
 Include a summary of the different tabs
 (Popular tab, Color Scheme) - blue, silver, black option
 (Popular tab, Username) - has it changed / different - case changed ??
 (Advanced tab, Editing Options, Alert the user when a potentially ..
 (Advanced tab, Editing Options, when this number of cells ???
 (Advanced tab, Editing Options, Group dates in the Autofilter
 (Advanced tab, Formulas, Enable multi-threaded number of calculation manual)
 (Advanced tab, Display options for this workbook)
 The chart tab in 2003 has been moved. The hidden and empty cell options can now be accessed from the Select data Series dialog box.
 This has been been renamed to ???
 If allow trusted on my network = false then you will get the old dialog box when the workbooks are opened
 If allow trusted on my network = true then you won't get a prompt when the workbooks are opened
 If allow trusted on my network = false the location will not appear under the policy locations
 If allow trusted on my network = true the location will appear under the policy locations.
 (Advanced tab, Editing Options, cursor movement)
 (Advanced tab, Editing Options, logical)
 (Advanced tab, Editing Options, visual)
 Image size and quality - discard editing data
 do not compress images
 set default target
2003Calculation Tab
 Chart Tab
 Color Tab
 Custom Lists Tab
 Edit Tab
 Error Checking Tab
 General Tab
 International Tab
 Save Tab
 Security Tab
 Spelling Tab
 Transition Tab
 View Tab
 Save my Settings Wizard

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